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The Heywood Church Hoover Junior 119 - Restoration Guide!

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A few years ago now, I joined a facebook group for Bellringers and vacuum cleaners found in churches... Bizarre but nirvana for vacuum nerds like us! Some time passed but one day I saw a post that caught my eye somewhat more than usual

It had been found in a long forgotten crawl space, good memories and knowledge reckon 30/35 years... I got chatting to the guy who posted the pictures and would you look what happened...

It's utterly fabulous, I've never seen one so terrible.

Let's see if we can put it right.

A donor machine was obtained just in case, and a nice set of tools as a surprise for the church (ideal for cleaning pews is a cloth hosed 119...)

Unless specified though, not much was used. We concentrate on the Heywood one here

Bag slide off

The original cloth inner (stops it over-stretching) was perished so was removed

And the spring removed from the slide

The bag was then turned inside out and the string dug out


And removed from the bag flange

The bag was then put into soak number 1 for a few hours, where it immediately went death dark black...Nice  :thumbsup:

The cable can be unwound from the handle

And removed from the beautiful vintage plug

Probably the original fuse

Time to split the handle

The handle grip wasn't too hard to get off...

Then the bottom bolt can be removed

The rubber boot at the end of the lower handle slid off without too much of a fight

And with that done, the handle is off, and we can start at the front with the belt guard

Then get the brushroll out

Take an end cap off

Then tap the other end through

This free's up alot of stuck compacted ancient dust

The brush strips didn't come out too badly once scraped free of their carpet fluff, and their Genuine Hoover too

Better-than-this brush strips are becoming VERY uncommon now so these stayed

Underneath now, to the bottom cover

Not too bad in here

Remove the bottom cover rear retaining bracket

Pop the cable clips off the yolk

Then with the cable unwired from the machine it is free! I pulled the cable from the outer protective sheath and binned the cable. It was very perishing.

Next, came 4 screws

And we can get the chassis split


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