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Looking to replace our Dyson ball after 12 years of use but we are not sure which vac to get. We definitely want a bagged corded upright which is reliable and picks up great on both carpet and hard floors (our house is 75% carpet, 25 hard floor) and also easy to clean the stairs and doesn't have a problem with rugs.

We were looking at Miele and sebo vacs and we liked the look of Miele C3 and Sebo X7 pet but the C3 doesn't have the powered head in the UK so not sure how good it would be on carpet and also read that the X7 auto height adjustment has trouble on rugs and long pile carpets. Does anyone have any other suggestions for vacs or experience using a Miele cannister or X7?

I haven't had many bagged uprights, but yes, i have heard good things about sebo and miele

You mention that you wanted a bagged corded upright,
The Miele C3 you are referring to is a cylinder machine, rather than upright.
If you go for the Cat & Dog C3 model they come with a rotating turbo nozzle which is pretty effective as they go, they’re very similar to the Sebo Turbo nozzle, as both have similar origins. So that’s one option for you.
The other option is a Dyson small ball Allergy upright, not bagged however it is pretty damn good on carpets & hard floors compared with the Dysons of previous years, much quieter and pretty reliable. The performance is pretty much the best it’s ever been.
The Sebo machines are fantastic on carpet and adequate on hard flooring but I wouldn’t use one on expensive hard floors due to the continuously rotating brushroll.


--- Quote from: dysondestijl on May 10, 2021, 09:39:01 PM ---I wouldn’t use one on expensive hard floors due to the continuously rotating brushroll.

--- End quote ---

If they're expensive hard floors, a rotating brushroll would do one no harm methinks. Also for delicate floors, they do the soft brushroll.

Sunvsmoon, first decide if you want a cylinder or an upright, as you mention both.

If you want a cylinder, the E3 Premium Boost is the one to have.

If you want an upright, from what you have said, the Sebo X7 Pet fits the bill perfectly and is the best value in the range. If you want to see the differences between the X7 models, we have an article that explains that >here<

Sorry, I don't mind either cylinder or upright. I mistyped upright in my original post.  If the Miele c3 had a electric powerhead for carpets I would probably go with that but I don't think Miele sells them in the UK.

The E3 looks interesting, what are the differences between the e,k and d sebo ranges?


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