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Author Topic: Moulinex E59 Vacuum Cleaner - Stripdown and Restoration (then hacking...)  (Read 7545 times)

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Oh, and a sneak peek of something I made, tried but haven't done much else with... Using 2 male spade crimps, hot glue and the shittiest 240v connectors ebay could send me, I adapted the Vax Air Revolve powerhead I use for my Numatics...



Not filmed a video on it yet and indeed the vax powerhead has done a Vax and broken, I've not looked at it yet so no updates for now, but it happened and it was brilliant! (the powerhead was on my RGB Henry when it broke so it wasn't the Moulinex's fault!
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Re: Moulinex E59 Vacuum Cleaner - Stripdown and Restoration (then hacking...)
« Reply #16 on: September 04, 2021, 12:27:39 pm »
Quote from: Beko
done a Vax and broken

Love it!

What an obscure machine.



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