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Which used Dyson - DC41 MK2, DC75, alternatives or better with a new one?

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I am trying to choose a powerful second hand /refurbished dyson for a large single story house with mostly short pile wool carpet as well as some wooden floors.
We have a DC07 which I have kept going for years but it is too noisy and it’s motor is wearing out as well as the brush roller and although I may replace them and keep it for the garage I wonder if it is time for a change in the house.
I have read extensively on here and elsewhere about the pros and cons of different dyson models and I’m sure many of you are familiar with the state of mind that this can lead to! I’m keen to get the right one for us and I need to make a final decision fairly soon but I am still far from certain as to what to get. I would appreciate some advise on my dilemma from the wisdom of forum members. I apologise if there is too much overlap between my query and those in previous posts.
I have looked through the discussions around the DC41 with interest.
I note Parwaz’s conclusion that the DC41 MK2 cleans better than the DC 41 MK due to the better ERP brush head despite having just a 700w motor and fewer air watts of suction.
I am considering the DC75 as they all appear to have the better ERP cleaner head with the red slider but many are also rated at 1300w. This appears to be the best of both worlds, the more powerful motor and the newer adjustable brush head, but is this the case? Do many people have experience of these models? They don’t seem to feature a lot on this forum.

It seems from MVACs comments that although fine dust can sometimes get into the motor this doesn’t seem to actually cause problems very often.

I know they are also large and heavy but that should not be such an issue in a single story house.

If cleaning power at the brush head and the hose is my priority do you think that a DC75 would actually do a better job than a new Dyson Ball Animal 2 or not?

Lastly if I do go for a refurbished dyson rather than a new one, I suspect that as I live in rural Scotland I will unfortunately be limited to buying online rather than in person in a shop. I have seen the general warnings about e-bay sellers of “refurbished dysons” and I was wondering whether it was within the rules of the forum for people to recommend sellers of refurbished dysons?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you very much in anticipation.


Personally I'd stay away from a DC75, then run a bit faster...

They are starting to fall apart, and you cannot find parts. I've had a few come my way locally to be refurbished and have had to turn down all but one, mainly due to the wheels/balls wearing themselves out and cracking. (luckily the customer for that one found it was still barely under warranty so I buttoned it back up as if I was never there and gave her a post-it note with the list of things to tell Dyson to replace whilst she still could) The machines are very heavy, and they can't take it, so crack the composite the entire circumference!  And you cannot buy new ones (Mvacs tried to find some for me and failed). Used ones are thin on the ground as they all do it, and when I looked on ebay last, the used one (yes, just one side) was showing the cracks too.

What else, oh yes the cyclone shroud cracks (yep), which in itself I suppose isn't the end of the world if it's being used by yourself, but as a full refurb for a customer it won't do. Again, no new shroud on it's own, you're spending £50 on an entire cyclone or finding a used one with detailed enough images on the listing to be sure that's not knackered too. Cyclone gaskets wear out as they all do but unlike pretty much everything else you cannot find them (I have a good used set but only because I had to buy a new cyclone for the shroud cracking issue above (customer paid the bill) so I stripped the old one down and had them out. If you do want a 75, be bloody sure to check it over really well, the ball shells/wheels, internal changeover valve hose, under the brushroll housing and make sure it's at least physically spotless. People seem to charge a premium for them as their big too which is bollocks really, their just a DC40 with the photocopier set to +40% with a few bespoke parts

As for the DC41, I don't rate them, they burn their motors out for fun and their specific to the 41. I guess that in itself isn't too bad, and bar that their OK but TBH I'd got for a DC40 Mk2 ERP (red slider on the brushroll housing) over any of them! Their more reliable (bar snapping brushroll looms, the brushrolls wearing down, the inner changeover valve hose splitting and the brushroll drive cog box filling with hair and crap) but they strip down really easily, and do clean up well, plus the parts are cheap and plentiful! I get alot of DC40's in for repair and rate them alot. Their the smaller of the 3 granted, but the DC41 is the same physical size as the 40 bar having a bigger bin, and the DC75 is just HUGE (and suffers for it) A nice DC40 ERP is also dirt cheap, they seem to be at their lowest worthless stage, I get given them all the time from people wanting to throw them out (got one sat behind me waiting for me to film a video on changing the PCB in the hope it gets the brushroll working again so i can refurb and flog it!)

I'd be hunting out a used Light Ball (UP22) though if it was my money. I think dyson have stopped making them now, but I've seen them quite cheap used. I've had 3 in for a full refurb now (mainly to clean out DIY crap) and they hold up well. Floor head seems to fill with fluff internally but their a joy to work on (them themselves being a DC40 but with a slightly easier bottom end once you work out it slides on straight rather than having to be fiddled on like a DC40.

I can't really pass judgement on buying refurbished dysons as I'd never be as happy with it as buying a shitty one and doing the job myself but I do admit I'm biased for that, ask around you local facebook groups for any recommendations and contact whoever gets the most mentions, it's usually how I get work in! Then see how they speak, if they just reel off the salesman pitch and not much else, be wary. If they speak from the heart and are doing it because they enjoy it you'll have a better experience I think.

Welcome BTW! Good luck with your search whatever you choose!

Thank you Beko for your detailed and very helpful reply. I will heed your advice and stay well clear of a DC75. I will look closer at the DC40 and the light ball. My only concern is that I should be getting something with a larger rather than smaller bin. I think the bin on our DC07 seems fairly big (although I don’t know how it  compares to a DC40 or a light ball) but it still fills up surprisingly quickly. I blame the children! If you were to recommend one of the larger models which would it be?
Thank you again.

Dyson still make the UP22 Small Ball Allergy and there are no plans to discontinue it yet. I rate them very highly as good all round performers. Quiet, not particularly heavy, quite nimble.
If you want a larger model then maybe a DC41 would be a good choice. They don’t make those anymore so you’d have to go used/refurbished.
Whichever model you go for, I doubt whether you’ll get 15 years use out of it like you have probably done with your DC07.
As a side note the DC14 was an incredibly popular model that generally stood up pretty well to regular use and abuse. I enjoy refurbishing those as a new motor and a service will generally see at least another 5-10 years use out of one. They’re getting on a bit in years now but generally speaking still very popular, reliable and parts still generally available for now


--- Quote from: dysondestijl on August 06, 2021, 10:38:52 PM ---Dyson still make the UP22 Small Ball Allergy and there are no plans to discontinue it yet.

--- End quote ---

Oh good, because it's great! I keep looking for a local sub £40 one to do the works to!

I remember seeing a glut of them on the ebay outlet store for a really good price, a few friends and family bought one because its about the best modern upright I can recommend. Couldn't see any on the dyson website when I last looked so assumed they were gone and flogging the excess on ebay, but it's good that the DC40 Mk3 sorry up22 is still alive!


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