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Angus Black:
So at last, my book The Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual is finished and available in paperback.

Your Dyson DC07 need never die. There is nothing that can go wrong with your machine, which if you are practically inclined, and have a fundamental grasp of home electrics, you cannot source the parts and repair yourself for a fraction of the cost of a new Dyson. More importantly, armed with this book, you will have the information you need to get it right the first time and have your Dyson up and running again quickly – without breaking the bank.

Here is the chapter list:

* Introduction   
* Chapter One: The Basics ─ Model Variants and Simple Maintenance   
* Chapter Two: General Troubleshooting   
* Chapter Three: Brush Roll, Belt and Clutch   
* Chapter Four: The Cyclone Unit   
* Chapter Five: Replacing the Motor   
* Chapter Six: The Wand and Back Hose   
* Chapter Seven: The Chassis and Sundries   
* Chapter Eight: Where to Source Parts and Machines   
* Chapter Nine: Other Resources and Further reading   
This is one of the sites buyers of the book are directed to in the resources chapter to complete their education. So you can expect quite a few new members because of it. I hope all you guys here will encourage them and guide them as necessary. New members will be dripping in over many months as the book finds its way into the many distribution channels that exist across the world.

There are one or two people from here who have read it already; some because they were instrumental in the creation process and one or two whose experience and opinion I particularly value.

I thought it a good idea that any new folks or any of the many reading guests (who always number many fold more than active members on a forum) see opinions and more information about what they may buy before they actually do so.


On this thread, I also welcome guys who are book buyers, who have found this site because of the book. If you are an Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual buyer, and have just landed here, why not say hello and tell me what you thought? I would very much appreciate feedback or a review from you on this site if you have a few moments to spare. Your feedback is important and tells me if you enjoyed the book, found it useful, and if my hard work putting it all together was worth it.

I have been given this dedicated topic here on the unofficial Dyson discussion forums where you are welcome to give me feedback. You can also tell me about any errors or omissions that you feel should be corrected or included in the next edition. You can even drop by just to say hello!

Note: This book is unofficial. That means it is not authorised, approved, or endorsed by Dyson Limited. The information contained in this book may differ from the opinion of Dyson Limited. Working on your Dyson vacuum cleaner as described in this book will probably invalidate any Dyson warranty you may have. Neither the author nor the publisher are connected to, or in any way affiliated with Dyson Limited.


--- Quote from: Angus Black on October 13, 2011, 02:03:53 AM ---There are one or two people from here who have read it already; some because they were instrumental in the creation process and one or two whose experience and opinion I particularly value.

--- End quote ---

I must be one of those.  ;)

We were pleased to help out with a few photos for this project. I also had an opportunity to review a pre-published copy and make a few comments.

I was very impressed with the book. It was long overdue. It is factual and helpful without being overbearing. It is instructive without being condescending. I haven't read anything that I think is bad or unwise advice. It basically says pretty much what I'd say if I had the time, patience or creative ability to write a book myself.

As such, we are pleased to stock it. We took delivery of our first small batch today (we have more on the way), and although you will find it on Amazon, Tesco and all the big book sites, I think we have the best deal at just 4.99 including UK postage and packing. For those UK readers who have landed here who don't want to wade through any more pages to get one, I have made a button below you can use to order a copy now.  :thumbsup:

Ordered this yesterday.. arrived today!! very informative and written in English!! so no  :'( will not have to pay silly money again to keep the wife happy  ;D
Keep up the good work, looking forward to the ball manual. Thanks

MV Claire:
 You may be interested to know that one of the copies we sent out today has gone to a US serviceman stationed in Afghanistan.

 It is surprising where they go! 

 Readers in the States may be interested to know that we will shortly be putting the book on our US parts page priced in dollars!

been fixing dyons for about 9 years i had a problem with a howling noise thought it was me
the answer is in the book as well as loads of good tips ,i would have paid double for the answer .
any one who fixes dysons needs this book no one knows everything
i am a happy bunny will be trying the tip on wed will post on forum
thanks for the information manchester vacs well done angus  :thumbsup:


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