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Author Topic: Medivac & Medivac Compact  (Read 3444 times)

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Medivac & Medivac Compact
« on: August 24, 2021, 10:19:59 pm »
Hi there! I'm new here, I hope it's okay if I go right into my issue.

I've received a Medivac and a Medivac Compact, both with dead motors.

They have very similar construction to Numatic machines (worked on a few Henry and Hetty machines) and it's been suggested that they were made by Numatic or based on them. Is this true?

I've found very little information online about them.

Do any of you have any pointers, recommendations or warnings that I should heed when I get round to taking them apart and diagnosing them?

I assume they need new brushes but if they need replacement motors is there a viable replacement?

Thanks in advance, I hope I can return the favour in the future.

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Re: Medivac & Medivac Compact
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2021, 08:46:56 pm »
I believe they were made by Numatic, so should be the same inside.

You would be changing motors rather than brushes on such a machine. The motors aren't well made enough for replacement brushes usually. Numatics have a variety of motors in them, so you would have to strip it down to see what is in it.

Very simple to fix generally though. 

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Re: Medivac & Medivac Compact
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2021, 06:30:22 pm »
Quick follow up.

The smaller Medivac seemingly had no issues and upon investigation, I discovered that the customer had run out of bags, cut a hole in her last one and was emptying / re-using it. I suspect that it was clogged up and causing the machine to overheat when used for a prolonged period. I didn't want to test this since the bag was definitely iffy and just replaced it with a HepaFlo bag and advised her to use those instead.

The larger Medivac had a motor on the verge of failure. The commutator was clinging on for dear life. The motor was a D21004N, so I replaced it with the Numatic Full Replacement Motor Kit (205779). It was a moderately tricky fit, I used the hard plastic adapter supplied with the motor but it was necessary to use the original gaskets, especially the bottom gasket as that lined up with the extra large HEPA filter that this machine comes with. As such, I should have just gone with the DL21104RT replacement motor instead, which would have saved a few ££.

All in all, they're impressive machines and definitely worth maintaining. Customer called me her "savior" as she'd called around a bunch of places who all declined to even look at the machines as they weren't familiar with the make.

Thanks for the advice, MVacs. Spot on about the brushes being a waste of time.



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