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request advice: vax upright motorbox



This is a vax U88-P3-B, horribly dirty. The motorbox is screwed together by 6 screws,
5 Philips & 1 other. It is down a hole, I cant see it properly, much less photograph it.
Please any idea what it might be? With moderate force I can pull the 2 halves of the
box far enough apart to see masses of dirt so I really do want to open it.  If I really
cannot shift this screw, should I
cut a slot to introduce a hacksaw blade?
try to drill it out?
force the box open & hope the damage isnt too bad?

Thank you.

Hi there
I know exactly the one you mean, I used to do a lot of those cleaners, although donít see very many now. Unfortunately though I cannot remember exactly which safety screw it is that holds the casing in place, itís been a little while.
Can you shine a torch light down the screw hole and see it?
Failing that I suppose you could drill it out, or, admittedly itís rather crude, but If you prize the two halves of the motor housing apart, you will snap the end of the screw post, which, given its hidden down that screw shaft, wouldnít be too obvious... you could always glue it back in when youíre done if you wish

Thank you for your reply. I tried TORX & Allen: failed. Drill: failed (probably
because I couldnt see well enough to aim). Brute force worked. The screw
is something I have never seen before, vaguely like an Allen but too shallow
for an A key to grip. As expected, masses of dirt. Thank you.


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