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Author Topic: V6 Fluffy Roller brush starts, runs 1 second, stops turning but cleaner runs on.  (Read 419 times)

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Hopefully I can get some help/advice
I have a V6 Fluffy in, the battery was only lasting a very very short time
I installed an aftermarket new battery, it ran, very well, however it's developed a fault
When I pull the trigger, it starts up, the floor brush roller turns but only for a second, then the motor cuts out, then restarts and runs really well but the roller will not run when it does this re-start.
I have removed the head and the motor runs non stop
I have stripped the motor unit out, removed all the planetary gears so there is no load on it and it does the exact same thing, if I turn the motor vertically pointing up or down it only runs for a Nano second then does exact same cutting out thing
It's like the motor is drawing too much current and tripping out ?
The other details printed on the unit are SV03 & J4-UK-GNA5295A

Thanks for any guidance

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What is the claimed MAH of the battery you fitted? And was it a cheapo Amazon/eBay one?



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