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Hoover Senior 612 - Stripdown, Restoration & Refurbishment

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I think this was a job for Our Mvacs, but either way, tonight's topic is about this lovely Hoover 612, with non original but genuine replacement bag!

It had a working lightbulb in

Although underneath was not too pretty...

Serial Numbers running from J.672400 started in January 1955, then the next batch of J.718880 started in July 1955, so March-ish 1955 she was made I'd imagine.

And some initial damage, although not too bad really


Let's get started, looks a bit sorry for itself

The paintwork is not too bad

Here is everything for the handle

Time to remove the bag first

Looks lovely

Top clamp holder off

Then I removed the bag from the bag flange

Onto the machine now. Belt guard off

Brushroll and belt removed

Unscrew at both end caps until one turns, and remove that one

Then hit with a hammer to extract the spindle

Remove the other end cap and bearing and wobble washer from the axle, then remove the screws and brush strips from the brushroll barrel

Next, underneath the vacuum, undo the 2 hood screws

Then carefully flip over and remove the hood

Hood retaining brackets removed

The brass decorative strip unscrews from the top of the lens cutout in the hood

Then the Hoover letters were removed

With the hood now stripped, it's time to move on

The first thing is to remove the cable from the handle bail. 2 connections here

Then this guide thing is also a clamp, remove the screw

And pull it out

The handle bail spring can be removed from the machine too

Next, undo the nut and remove the handle bail bolt and washer

This inner spring is welded to the bail and can't be removed

Onto wiring now. This machine is original as far as wiring goes so it should work for other 612's. The red wire runs from the lower terminal on the bulb holder, around through a wire tidy and to the switch

The other red wire comes off the switch and to the live terminal for the mains flex

Things escalate quickly as we can remove the wiring terminal AND motor completely now

Motor housing-Chassis gasket peeled off

The neutral wire runs from the main cable to one carbon brush terminal. Then another wire goes from the terminal to the top bulb holder terminal

We can remove the neutral wire from the terminal block

Then the wires/carbon brush

Then bulb holder.

The next thing to be removed is the 1950's (more likely 1940's in design and manufacture...) RF supressor...


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