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What is a "thread guard seal"...


...and do I need one?

Presently, I'm reassembling an agitator / brushroll for my Hoover Turbopower 2, model no. U2464. As a guide, I'm using an exploded parts diagram for a U2129, another Turbopower 2.

The diagram shows something called a "thread guard seal" sat in-between the guard and the end cap, labelled no. 603 in the diagram below. However, as far as I can tell, this seal hasn't cropped up among the parts I'm working with.

Unfortunately, other than what's in the diagram, I know nothing about this part. When I first took the agitator apart some time ago, I recall there being a layer of lint nestled inside the thread guard, which I took to be accumulated fluff and disposed of. I'm wondering now if it was the seal.

The alternative is that the seal wasn't used in my U2464. However, I'd assumed that all Turbpower 2 and 3 agitators were interchangeable. Apparently, the U2129 was the last ever Turbopower 2, significantly later than my U2464. Was the seal a late design addition?

If anyone could give me a clue as to what the seal looks like, whether it was used universally in the Turbopower 2 range, etc., it'd be a big help.


The thread guard seals (plastic cupped washers) were used for decades. Their not always fitted though, I don't always bother to fit the nos ones I've got either as it can jam the brushroll right up if their new and the correct shape... They might wear down over time and go smoother but I've never get that far!


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