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Dyson Zone: Combined Headphones and Air Purifying Mask


Dyson are launching what are called Dyson Zone. A combined pair of headphones and an air purifier mask all in one.

I’ve been reading some of the negative comments about these online, and most people are missing something. The second photo is the clue.

These will be popular in South East Asia, which is Dyson's biggest market now and where they’re based.

The UK market is a bit of an afterthought for them nowadays. Girls on the subways of China, Japan, Korea, etc. will love these. On the polluted streets of Shanghai, Ningbo or Singapore, they make perfect sense.

They’re not really designed with our minimal British pollution or our predisposition to being anti-mask in mind, but they’ll still sell some here. And the cost to them to roll them out here is minimal.

So do they look odd? To us, probably. They’ll be a huge hit in Asia. Give it six months and no self-respecting Tokyoite or Hong Konger will be without a pair.

Price not yet announced.

What do you think of them?

I also read this the evening it was announced and directly forwarded it to our R&D team… it doesn’t really matter what WE think of it, the world is bigger that the EU and the British Isles. Commercially and from an engineering point of view it’s a clever design. As most designs of Dyson have been. So it’s a brilliant. I just hope that we never will ‘need’ one . Beit for polluted air or for the next pandemic.


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