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Breakthrough Antartica solo Q&A



Trying to look for older Dyson outside the UK is as looking for Polarbears in the tropics...
Here in Holland I came across an ''odd'' Antartica Solo which needs some TLC and is obviously is no longer pure grey..

-the complete powercord needs replacement, but which type is correct for the UK market?
And does anyone has it for sale as an original replacement?

-it lacks the stickers on top, it lacks the Dyson name on the cleaner head and it lacks the Ralph Fiennes signature which i see more often on various pics.

What's the story ? A replacement cleaner head once or what else ?
It does have the blue limited edition sticker however on the bottom right.

In fact its pretty similar to Beko1987's ''The filthiest Dyson ever'' as portrait on YouTube in 2020

Thank for any available  feedback/info !



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