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Airblade AB01 Control PCB replacement


I have an AB01 with a defective control board.
The logic board has only parking-sockets for the mains leads and the control logic parts, most of the pcb is just empty space.
a marking that looks like a part number (and maybe production date?) reads 16731-01-01

I am offered a logic board with power supply on it, the box has a Part-Number 918205-1
and the pcb a marking (part-number?) of 13884-01-03

Does anyone know if this is a suitable replacement?
As i get it, the AB01 had an optional module, and i guess it is powered by that power supply, so i guess this should work, even if i don't have that additional module?

We sell that PCB >>here<<.

You sell the other one too.

But what i want to find out is if the one with powersupply can replace the one without.
From looking at the pcb, and the fact that the mains leads are parked on the supply-free pcb, it seems like probably yes...

Do you know where the one with supply is needed, and if it can operate on a AB01 which originally runs a control pcb without supply?

I've never tried as we tend to replace like with like.

But as far as I recall, one was a replacement for the other, just having fewer components on the board.


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