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Y.A.O.P. (Yet Another Overheating Problem)

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I have an early clutched DC07. It is getting extremely hot at the motor cover and has now started cuting out.  I first noticed this a couple of years or so ago. Around that time the original motor gave up which led me to believe that could have been the cause.  However that doesn't seem to have been the case as it is still getting hot and is now cutting out again. I have checked everywhere for blockages but can't find any.  Over the past couple of years I have fitted the new motor, brushroll, external and internal hoses and have also refurbished the clutch.
When I say it's getting hot I mean really hot. I can't put my hand on the motor cover after it's been running for a while, and the hepa filter seals melted off.  I have tried new filters and even replaced the hepa with a normal filter but no luck. It gets hot in upright mode and when using the tools. I don't know if is getting hot for the same reason as before, or if the new motor cured it and this is another fault.  The only possible cause I can think of is that when I was refurbing the clutch, the clutch to motor belt was very tight and I had trouble getting it on. I have no idea if it was too tight as it was the first one I've fitted.  How tight should they be? Could this be causing the motor to overheat?  What about seals? I have never replaced any of the seals but they all look in good nick.
Any ideas?

Have you ever cleaned the cyclone or took the top off and looked inside?

Yes the holes in the cyclones block very easily, never ceases to amaze me how much crap you can take out of one of those things.

Does it get hot if you run it without the cyclone?

Sorry guys, I hadn't checked replies for a couple of days.
Yes, I checked the cyclones. There was just a light coating of dust on the outsides of the cyclones but the insides are clean.  It's not long since I gave it a thorough clean out.  Will give it a run without cyclone tomorrow just to check.


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