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Dyson AB01 repair


Hi all, I have a problem with my AB01.  Suddenly it stopped working.  I've confirmed that there is power at the connector block inside the unit.  I've tried to view the IR sensors with a camera and they do not appear to be operating, which leads me to suspect that there's an issue with the main PCB board.  Before I shell out for a new one is there anything I can do to confirm my suspicions?  Thanks.

Not easily. Unless you know how to test a PCB.

It can be the sensors, the PCB or the motor PCB (which usually means a motor bucket assembly).

We would normally swap items over to test them this way. But that's not a luxury you have if its the only machine you have.

My hypothesis is that since the sensors are not lightning up, it's likely an issue with the main PCB, rather than the motor PCB?  I can test the PCB, although I'm not specifically sure what I should be looking out for.  Documentation on this device is sadly somewhat scant.  Any tips would be gratefully received.  It occured to me to check the output pins to the IR LEDs and the motor PCB, although I'm not sure the pinout of the latter.  Also not sure what the normal voltage should be.


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