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Vax Vacuum Cleaners
« on: December 19, 2010, 10:52:43 pm »
We had three Vax uprights before the Dyson.

We got the first one given us. It lasted from spring to autumn then died. I bought another one in Costco but that died after less than a year. The local shop said it wasnt "an economical repair" because many parts are not available through normal channels (whatever that means.) I bought another more expensive one which some plastic parts broken on. With normal use. They have a sticker on that says "call us dont go back to the shop" so I tried. They said they would charge if it is found to be a fault with "misuse" - I only used it as stated in the instructions, but what they think is misuse might be different, and then they won't give the machine back until I have paid charges in that case. That all sounded too much like a rip off.

So we went with a Dyson this time...................



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