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Author Topic: VAX 121(?) RFI suppressor  (Read 277 times)

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VAX 121(?) RFI suppressor
« on: March 17, 2024, 09:13:23 am »
Morning all,
new to your forum - thanks for letting me join and post. I have a query some of you may be able to help with regarding the sourcing of a new RFI suppressor which I suspect has failed on my very old (~1988) VAX carpet cleaner/vacuum.

I read with interest this thread from some time ago (
I note that the last few posts on that thread talk about sourcing a replacement suppressor, but there are no details of anyone being successful.

I wondered if anyone has subsequently had success in finding a suitable replacement part?

I will give a bit of background to pre-empt a few of the likely questions.....
I think the cleaner is a VAX 121 as it is almost identical to the pics in the excellent series of photos in the above referenced thread, although the solution tank ‘tennis ball’ arrangement is slightly different on mine. I am unsure of the model as most of the lettering from the data plate has faded.
Anyway, the machine started tripping the mains supply RCD after several minutes of use. The time between trips got shorter as the machine warmed up. That happened on both wet and dry. It could be motor insulation failing, but I suspected the most likely cause was the suppressor.
Contacted VAX before I saw your forum, and as predicted by others in your forum on other queries to VAX, they were COMPLETELY useless.
I have bypassed the suppressor, and things seem to run Ok now. I would however like to replace the suppressor if I can as I don’t want to risk the HF ‘noise’ generated by the motor leaking back into my household mains circuit and causing some issues with the various fairly sensitive electronic components we have around houses nowadays (computers, TVs, etc).
Hence this post – if anyone has suggestions or knows where I can get an equivalent RFI suppressor I would be most grateful!



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