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dyson cr01 bearing replacement

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Have just replaced main bearing on my cr01 memory even though dyson cannot. I purchased a 633007c wheel bearing from ebay for £50 there seem to be many available.They are 2mm short in the length 34mm rather than 36mm standard but a 2mm spacer is easily made to make up the difference. The machine is quite easily dismantled although I had to weld up a special spanner to undo the large nut at the back of the drum. With the front of the drum off the drum was removed. With some 20mm threaded rod and some scrap steel i made a puller to pull out old bearing. It was very tight in the housing but by putting pressure on it with the pull and hitting hard from behind it eventually moved. I used the same threaded rod to pull new bearing into place and then fitted spacer then circlip. A seal was purchased from local engineering supplies for £5.00 and is easily tapped into place. The drum was the refitted using the threaded hole at the end of the drum shaft and some spacers, to pull it through new bearing. Everything back together  and it runs a dream.

Hi Richard. Welcome to the site.  :tiphat:

Thanks for sharing that. It will be of great use to others.  :icon_nod:


Thank you for your advice its the best info I've seen on these machines so far.

I my CR01, the drums have become seized together (which I think is a common issue).
I think I can fix it, but an having a great deal of problems getting to them.
I am finding it very hard to undo the large 4 slotted locking nut on the back of the washing machine. In your reply you made a tool, I have tried to make such a tool out of a piece of exhaust tubing, but it is too soft a metal. Can you advise me how you made this tool (and any pictures if possible) as I'm at a bit of a loss how to undo it at the moment.

Hi, I have photos but cannot up load to site. I could email them to you if you pass on your address. I had a piece of 80mm pipe with about 5mm wall thickness. I cut off about 50mm and welded another piece of scrap on the back for a handle(about 500mm log). I welded some lugs inside the pipe 90 degrees apart and ground them into shape. Holding the centre of the spanner on the nut with my knee a couple of hits on the handle with a large hammer and it loosened up. It is very stiff because it has nylon insert, like a nylok nut.
Hope this helps


A little gentle heat on the nut might help start it moving. You could put back on with some threadlock if nylon in nut has melted


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