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Dyson DC01 Variants: Fixed and Swivelling Sole Plates -- The Differences.


Dyson Tech:
On our Dyson DC01 Spares page, we sometimes specify that parts are either suitable for a "fixed" or "swivelling" soleplate DC01 (sometimes both).

Anyone sourcing parts for a DC01 should be aware of the two variants in order that they do not inadvertently buy the wrong part for their application. Although all Dyson DC01's look externally visually similar, some parts do differ between the two build variants. The best way of identifying which variant you have is by looking at the sole plate on the very bottom of the machine.

This is the fixed sole plate:

You can see from that picture that nothing moves on the fixed sole plate. It is one cast piece of plastic screwed to the bottom of the machine.

The swivelling sole plate assembly looks like this from the bottom:

It is comprised of two separate parts, one is the cradle and looks like this:

The cradle sits in the base plate, which looks like this:

It is important to know which version your Dyson DC01 is, because there are parts other than the base and sole plates that differ between the two models. Most notably, the following parts differ:

* Wand handles
* Front bumper trims
* Outer body and motor housings
* Colour: Fixed sole plate models have a slight metallic fleck in the plastic
If contacting us about a Dyson DC01 part, we will be able to help you faster if you already know if your model is a fixed or swivelling sole plate model.  :tiphat:

Worth a mention here.

We recently cleared out an 'approved' Dyson dealer on the outskirts of Manchester that was closing down. We bought all his stock. In it was some new, DA001/DC01 fixed soleplates.

These are as rare as hens teeth. As a Dyson dealer, the guy wasn't dumb, he knew what he had, and we had to pay strong money for his stock. So we make no apologies that it will cost you 45 including UK Recorded Delivery if you want one.

First come, first served. Find them >>here<<.


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