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Tutorial: How to Post Photos and Videos on the Forum

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A quick tutorial on how to post photos on the forum follows:

First, re-size the photo you want to post to a sensible size, I tend to use 500 pixels wide or smaller. Much more interferes with some peoples screens on little laptops etc. That's easily done in any photo editing programme or free on line at sites like this.

Then go to the new post/start new topic/reply screen so you have a post window open.

Then look for this link:

Having clicked it, you can choose a file from your computer - a pop up window will appear when you click the button. You can upload more than one in a post by clicking the other link arrowed.

Having chosen the file/s you want to upload, to insert them/it in your post, use the drop down menu and select the display option you prefer.

"Inline full size image" is the one most people use. When you have selected it, the code will appear automatically in your post, and looks like this:

--- Code: ---[attachimg=1]
--- End code ---

Make sure that text is in your post where you want it to appear.

When you click "post", the photo will be uploaded and appear in your post.  :thumbsup:

Optimising photos for the forum:

You can hotlink photos from elsewhere like Flickr using the image tags, but they tend to slow the site down as the image has to load from a slow third party server. Ever been on a site and been yawning while pictures take an age to load? Thats why. Also, over time, people tend to move and delete photos and it would be a shame if some wisdom you posted today was full of blank spaces when someone comes to read it in three years.

Hence we recommend uploading photos you use here to this site. Our software resizes very oversized images, and its easy to prepare them.

In order not to swallow up too much bandwidth, we recommend images be no more than 500 pixels wide.

Also, have them oriented correctly beforehand on your desktop. Images published directly from Apple devices like ipads and iphones tend to be sideways. That is an Apple glitch in the EXIF data, not a forum glitch here.

So as an example, I'll show you how to get your pics ready to post here in a few clicks.

Lets say you have imported a photo from your iphone to your computer.

Right click> Open with> Paint

If it needs rotating, there are buttons here:

Then resize it to a sensible size selecting pixels. Remember, people viewing on phones and ipads have problems seeing huge photos.

And finally save it like so:

This way, when you upload it as per above post, it will be sized and oriented correctly. Always place any image code (that looks like this).......

--- Code: ---[attachimg=1]
--- End code ---

.........on its own line; like a paragraph. That way it will sit within your post formatted nicely as do the pictures on the page here.

I have just added the Youtube mod.

There is now a button here:

In order to use it, one takes the ID code only from the Youtube URL.

For example, if the Youtube code is this: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkh0LrwDsk0 - You want ONLY the code after the "=" which in this case is jkh0LrwDsk0

So, to use it, click the button when your cursor is where you want the video to appear in your post, usually on a new line. And it will show you this code:

--- Code: ---[youtube][/youtube]
--- End code ---

You then paste in between the two square brackets in the code the Youtube ID code, like this:

--- Code: ---[youtube]jkh0LrwDsk0[/youtube]
--- End code ---

Alternatively, you can paste the ID code, then highlight it, then click the button. Like this:

Which method you use is a matter of personal preference. The resulting code remains the same, and should look like this whichever way you do it:

--- Code: ---[youtube]jkh0LrwDsk0[/youtube]
--- End code ---

So using that code then gives you this:


One thing I've noticed is that if you attach the max number of images to a post, it posts the first one again last, then puts a tiny preview of the last picture at the end. See the Premiere thread for an example. Once I just uploaded 9, it was fine

I'll reset it to 9. The facility is an add on written by a 3rd party. It probably wasn't written to cope with double digit placement, so anything it doesn't recognise defaults to the end.


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