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Author Topic: Dyson ‘special offer’ telephone calls are a scam.  (Read 96072 times)

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Re: Dyson ‘special offer’ telephone calls are a scam.
« Reply #45 on: September 24, 2015, 06:57:38 pm »
Hehe,  make a frankenstein one from crap parts and watch their eyes light up! Just give a fake name and address obv,  maybe a £10 asda payg phone and sim to be thorough about it!

I feel sorry for the people paying £50 for not even a filter change
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Re: Dyson ‘special offer’ telephone calls are a scam.
« Reply #46 on: July 14, 2017, 06:15:03 pm »
So, how many of these Dyson cold call companies can there be in Leeds? I did some Googling.

Vacservicing (Leeds) Ltd is the first one I found, operating from a website

Company Information

Registration Date: 26/08/2010
Registration Number: 07358071
Tel: 0113 322 7721

This is a newish company only being little over a year old.

At the same address and/or seemingly connected is:

TSC (Midlands) Ltd
KB Midlands
ASG Midlands.
TSG Midlands.
KDA (UK) Ltd

So it would appear there is a little network of these places. However, to be sure that there is no mistaken identity here, we want to know if they have a Mandy don't we? We called them today and asked for "Mandy" - she wasn't working today. Busted. (Attachment Link)

I think its appalling that these people get away with fudging who they represent and bamboozling people like this elderly couple into arranging a "home visit" they didn't need or ask for. Thankfully, the lady they got today was sharper than many ladies in her 80's and didn't fall for the gag. However, what if she had been less than sharp? That could have been another victim handing over £100 for non-existent faults on a machine she had had only a few days.

I guess its unfortunate for these guys that they attempted to prey on one of our customers who spotted their gag before the guy got through the front door.

Beware people who cold call you offering Dyson servicing! They are Now Called Excel Servicing from Leeds and Still Conning The old Folk I Know I use to work For them thats why I left

These folks have just been convicted, see >>this topic<<



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