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Author Topic: About The Dyson DC03.  (Read 20129 times)

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About The Dyson DC03.
« on: September 30, 2010, 10:35:40 am »
The DC03 was a lightweight, low profile upright cleaner. It resembled a twin-cylinder version of the DC01, contained one normal cylinder and a second which contained a pair of HEPA filters. While its suction power was much lower than any of the currently available uprights, its heavy-duty filtration system allowed it to survive for many years after the rest of the original Cyclone cleaners were discontinued.

They look like this:

They were the first slim Dyson. They only weigh about 15 pounds and when reclined, will go completely flat so they can get under furniture etc. Being able to be folded flat allows them to be stored on two hooks, hung on the back of a door.

The downsides are that the filters are often not washable (some later ones are), the dust collection cylinder isn't big, and the motor (and thus the suction) is less powerful than other Dysons (although adequate for most people).

However the design is funky!  :icon_nod:

This model is not particularly suitable for those who have big houses, kids, cats and dogs. It is more suited to the single or couple household really.

We do not routinely recondition these models any more; except to order (Ask us if you want one and we will build you one). We do keep parts for them though, which you can get here: Dyson DC03 Spare Parts. Telephone us for any parts not listed on the page.

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