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Author Topic: If you were sat with Sir James Dyson, having a cup of tea, what would you say?  (Read 4342 times)

Offline Mike Aberdeen

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A friend of mine was once on a Virgin Pendolino train to London. Down the carriage walked Richard Branson. He sat next to my pal and asked him, "Are you enjoying the train?" They chatted some. My pal was awe struck and wishes he had advance notice of this meeting because he was sure he would have had lots of *proper* questions...... They had a cup of tea together anyway. He is still very proud to this day that he met Richard Branson!

Imagine you *did* have advance notice. Imagine it was James Dyson you met. What would you ask him?

You might be 'in the trade'......

You might be a Dyson customer.......

If you were sat with Sir James Dyson, having a cup of tea, what would you say to him?

Offline Angus Black

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I would ask him why they use Johnson brush bar motors on ball models, knowing full well that they wont last.

I would also ask him why they don't make certain spares available to the trade. Stuff which they easily could do.

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"Keep up the good work Jimmy" and we will keep fixing them! :underchair:
If @ first you dont succeed "scrap it"

Offline spencer1885

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Can I have a job would be one of them and also  why do they use such c**p plastic.
My brother in law has a friend who works for dysons design team in the UK ( he's an Aussie )



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