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Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ
« on: September 20, 2010, 04:41:38 pm »
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to contact us about a parts order not received, please read our >>>Delivery Information<<< page first, and follow the advice on that page before you contact us.   :tiphat:

I am not sure if you received my order?

You will have received a confirmation by email if your order went through OK (check your spam folder too). You will also have received a payment confirmation email from either Nochex, Roman Cart or Paypal. That also means we received your order.

If you think you placed an order and had no emails at all, check if the payment has gone out of your bank. If so, please send us an email and we'll check that for you.

I came and you were closed. I keep phoning and there is no reply?

Because you didn't familiarise yourself with our opening days/times. You can find all that >>here<<.

Where are you? Can I get directions?

Please do not phone us for this - we are too busy to give directions on the telephone. It is all on our website, with a map, and you can find that >>here<<. There are also printable directions there too.

I want a Dyson or Sebo part that isn't on your site.

Please send us an >>email<<. We answer emails out of office hours and can often reply with a direct link to purchase. We are so busy that not everything we have is on our site. It doesn't mean we haven't got it if it isn't on our site. We probably have.

Can I call you for Dyson/Sebo technical/repair advice?

Much as we love to help people, we simply do not have the time to advise people how to repair their machine by telephone or email. This is the reason we have the forum >>here<<. Please make a free account on the forum and ask all technical questions there. One of our knowledgeable members will surely help you out. You wont get spammed and we do not share your details with any third parties.

Alternatively, you can refer to this page: DIY Repair Resources

Having a problem using the checkout?

If you are struggling with checkout using Nochex for any reason, you can use the Paypal checkout without having a Paypal account. Follow the instructions here to do that: >>>Alternative checkout to Nochex<<<.

If you encounter any technical difficulty using our site, it is probably because you are using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that is no longer supported by some sites. We recommend that you instead use >>Google Chrome<< or >>Mozilla Firefox<< which in our opinion are far superior.

If you are not sure what browser you are using, you can check here: >>Check Your Browser Version<<.

We have a full parts shop checkout tutorial here: >>Online Shopping Tutorial<<<.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are.

What's with the funny opening hours?

We are open to the public 12 noon - 4pm every day except Sunday. As we are mostly an online business nowadays, our shorter public opening hours allow us the time to facilitate our online orders.

Are you affiliated with Dyson or Sebo in any way?

Sebo: We are approved Sebo agents. Dyson: We are Dyson specialists but completely independent of Dyson.

Was it Manchester Vacs that called us up about a service on our Dyson?

We never cold call people. If you received a call from someone trying to convince you to have your Dyson serviced, it wasn't us. There are many disreputable companies cold calling people on the off chance they own a Dyson. Some pretend to be from Dyson themselves, some pretend to be from a local Dyson specialist, and some just declare themselves a "Dyson agent". Many will use shoddy parts on your machine, not do a proper job and some even take your machine away for "repair" - and that's the last you will see of it! There is a news item on our forums here >>Dyson ‘special offer’ telephone calls are a scam.<<

Can you repair my Dyson or Sebo in my home?

Sebo: We don't repair in your home but we do offer a service where you can send your Sebo to us for repair economically. You can find that page here: >>National Sebo Vacuum Repair<<.

Dyson: That is not a service we offer. Our engineers work in our workshop only. We caution against any companies offering Dyson home repair - many are disreputable. If you *really* need a repair in your home, we can only recommend Dyson themselves, who you can contact on 0800 298 0298 in the UK.

Do you accept credit and debit cards in your shop?

We accept everything. Credit and debit cards and cash. We also accept Euros, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Russian Roubles and Chinese Yuan if you have any of those lying around gathering dust.

Are you green?

Absolutely! We recycle thousands of Dyson and Sebo vacuums every year. That's thousands of machines not getting crushed by Dyson or going into landfill sites. From the machines we dismantle, the motors, any metals and any wiring that cannot be reused gets recycled. We are also able to recycle much of the ABS plastic we get now.

When we sell a product online, much of the packaging that it is sent out in is recycled. Many of our parts orders are sent out in recycled packaging too. Do not be surprised if your parts order arrives in an upcycled crisp box surrounded by shredded cardboard. We mail a lot of stuff, and the more packaging we can recycle means fewer trees are being cut down.

Somebody on eBay or Gumtree is selling "reconditioned" vacuums at half the price you are?

Some people on eBay are selling what they claim to be "reconditioned" machines for ridiculously low money. Beware of Dysons and Sebos that are sold too cheaply (There are many on eBay and Gumtree). This is indicative that the seller has not invested the time required to recondition the machine properly and is looking to sell on price point only, rather than quality. It takes several hours to recondition a Dyson properly. Add the cost of this time to the cost of the core unit, overheads, replacement parts and tools (not offered by most other sellers) and around 17%+ in greedy eBay and Paypal fees that sellers must pay, and you will see how it becomes impossible to buy them very cheaply if they are properly reconditioned. You can't have it all ways. We have seen some shocking and dangerous machines from eBay and Gumtree. Caveat Emptor.

If I buy from your online shop, how soon can I expect delivery?

We mail parts every day of the week. We aim to process orders same or next working day. UK parts orders sent by regular mail usually take 2-5 working days, if you paid for faster delivery that is Royal Mail 24 Tracked. DPD orders are normally next day. Machines are mostly sent by courier and they typically deliver the next working day after they collect from us. We must book a day before, so for example: If you order a machine Saturday night, we will see the order Monday and book the courier, the courier will collect Monday, and you will probably see it Tuesday.

UK spare parts delivery times: UK Delivery is usually within five working days of order; usually sooner. Parts delivery information is >>here<<.
Delayed deliveries: Royal Mail are very reliable and items are typically delivered within a few days. However, during peak periods or bad weather, delivery can be delayed. In reality, items very rarely get genuinely lost. We enforce Royal Mail's own eighteen day policy for late and lost post, and cannot resend any items until that time has passed from the order date. We have to allow Royal Mail the opportunity to deliver the item during this eighteen day window before we can lodge any kind of complaint or investigation. We find that most delays incurred by Royal Mail are caused because the item has been taken to the local sorting office or left with a neighbour and no card has been left. Please check with your local Royal Mail sorting office as the item is most likely there due to most packages being too big to go through a standard letter box.

If you are planning to contact us about an item not received, please read our >>>Delivery Information<<< page, and follow the advice on that page before you contact us.

Regular mail delivery within the EU tends to take around 7-14 days. The US, Canada and Australia is typically 7-21 days. Russia and Ukraine are typically three to four weeks due to their very slow customs people (Moscow addresses tend to be delivered a little faster).

I'm worried about using my credit or debit card online. Is it safe?

Yes. To ensure your security, we utilise secure third party commercial servers which encrypts the credit card number and encodes it into a non-usable form. Transactions are not processed on our site. We have no access to your financial data. We only get sent through enough details to allow us to fulfill your order. Nobody at Manchester Vacs sees your personal financial information.

When you use our parts shopping cart, you will see an image similar to this in your browser bar:

The padlock you see together with the https part of the domain name tells you you are on a private, encrypted and secure connection (the "s" in "https" means "secure").

Can you take credit or debit cards over the telephone if I call the shop?

Unfortunately not. It's surprising how many people call us and ask us this who are worried about using their card online. Yet, that would be probably the most insecure way of using your card if we did it. Some people feel happier talking to a person and are not concerned about the prospect of their card details scribbled on a bit of paper floating around the office desk. Internet shopping with a card is MUCH safer than a telephone transaction would be.

Which is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

Have a read of this: >>how to choose a vacuum cleaner<<

Are all your parts genuine Dyson or Sebo parts?

Reconditioned and used parts usually are. New parts we supply may be a mixture of OEM supplied genuine parts, OEM (OE means Original Equipment Manufacturer). Some parts are after-market items made to comparable (or better) standards by other manufacturers. We also manufacture some of our own spares. Hence why some parts are exclusive to us.

As Dyson and Sebo experts, we only sell parts that we know are made well, and work well. We select parts from a myriad of sources and only supply the ones we are happy with the quality of. Don't be fooled that sometimes over-priced "genuine Dyson parts" are inherently better than those made by other manufacturers. After-market manufacturers often address the design weaknesses that were overlooked when the "original" parts were made. Two cases in point: Our DC07 back hoses are said by most people to be far superior to the original Dyson ones, and our replacement DC14 motors are so good, that we have never yet had a single one returned under warranty! Our scrap bins are overflowing with "genuine" Dyson DC14 motors that are burned out beyond repair! You decide which is the better product.

VAT Receipts

Parts and machine orders will have a VAT receipt enclosed. If you need a duplicate, search your emails for or and the confirmation email you got right after the order can be printed and is also a VAT receipt. 

I bought a Dyson from you and now it is cutting out. What do I do next?

Your problem is most likely blocked filters. Filters are a user serviceable part. Dysons cut out when the filters are blocked (That's a design safety feature). Most people hoping to claim under the guarantee never bother to check their filters. Dysons have washable sponge filters that you MUST check before contacting us. Your Dyson doesn't like plaster dust. If your Dyson is cutting out and you have vacuumed up after having had building work done, don't call us, just wash your filter first. If you send us a machine back with a blocked filter, there will be a service charge to replace it.

If you don't know how to wash and dry your filters, or where they are, ask in our forum room here: Looking after your Dyson

If you have checked your filters and you still have a problem with a machine you bought from us, please review our guarantee conditions here: Manchester Vacs guarantee and then contact us with a telephone number so one of our engineers can telephone you. Many problems can be resolved over the telephone. If you do need to return a machine to us, we need to send you specific instructions in order that carriage is cheap and the experience generally painless, so DO speak to us on the telephone first.

I bought a Dyson from you and the brush bar is not rotating. What do I do next?

This is our most frequent warranty enquiry. Often it is simply that the clutch has been inadvertently switched off. Have a read of >>this article<< which will likely answer your question.

I bought a Dyson from you, and after unpacking and assembling it, it wont stand up properly. What do I do next?

Again, this is a simple problem that you can resolve yourself by watching the short video in >>this article<<. Often times, the machines get knocked around a bit in transit (that's why we pack them so well). The carriage assembly sometimes moves. The little video in the article linked shows you how to fix that in seconds.

Problems with Orders & Parts Returns Policy

Please contact us in the event of any problem, especially before attempting to return any item, as it is unlikely to be received if our instructions are not followed. If there is a problem with any order from us, we recommend you speak to us on email in the first instance. We find problems are more easily resolved that way as our phones are very busy. 

The long-winded version of our returns policy can be found here.

My question is not covered here and I want a fast answer!

Please >>email us<<. We often answer emails out of office hours, so email is the best way to get a fast answer to a question.

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