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About This Room - Information & How To Place An Entry.


In this section of the forum are some service providers who have identified themselves (or been recommended) as repairers of Dyson products.

This room is not for people to promote sales of spare parts or reconditioned machines.

We will not list here any companies that are known to cold call people on the telephone. >>Read this topic to find out why<<. We will also remove any listing of a service that we believe to be disreputable and/or unsuitable at our sole discretion.

However, please note that Manchester Vacs does not provide referral services, and does not endorse or recommend any person on this list. It is your responsibility to verify the credentials of any repairer you choose to use.

Want to list your business here?

Trade members who participate in our forums are free to place an informational topic about themselves. Start a topic called "Dyson repairs Aberdeen" or whatever, and that will catch the local search traffic for your area.

If you join the forum simply to get a backlink to your site and make no other posts of value, your post will be removed.

Want to recommend a Dyson repairer?

Non-trade participating members of the forums are free to recommend a local repairer in their area that they have personal experience with. We will remove any entry we believe to be written by a sock-puppet or otherwise dishonest.

From where?

Whilst we are a UK site, we get internet traffic from all over the world. We get a lot of internet traffic from the USA, Canada and Australia. If you have a Dyson repair shop in these countries, you are welcome to place a listing here.

Is a listing free?

All we ask in return for this free facility is that you help out people who arrive on the forum with their Dyson related questions as and when you can. If you are an inactive member with a listing here, we may ask you to reciprocate with a banner or a backlink of some kind.

Trade members are also reminded of our rules on signature links: Links & Advertising Policy For Dyson Repairers & Service Providers.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message.


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