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Author Topic: Is my clutch worn - Advice ?  (Read 5256 times)

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Is my clutch worn - Advice ?
« on: March 03, 2013, 12:12:44 pm »
Had our DC33 for about 12 months now, and had no real issues with it until recently

It wasn't picking much up and took forever to hoover up the dog hairs, that turned out to be the brush bar solid with hairs wrapped around it. It was a miracle it picked anything up at all, that was fixed just by cleaning up the brush bar. So shows how strong the suction is ......

Anyway, its still not as good as it was, and today tried it on the lino floor in the kitchen on the carpet setting which usually make much racket due to the brush bar trying to brush the lino and also tries to suck the lino up, but on the floor setting goes quiet (as it should I believe)

It was a bit noiser but not as it was and didn't appear much difference between the two settings, where previously you knew when it was on the wrong setting

Both belts are fine, the brush bars spins freely and bearings were cleaning and oiled a few months ago as they were looking a bit crusty. The clutch knob is doing its job but as I said it doesn't seem to be as powerful on the carpet setting as it used to be

Took the filters out and cleaned them all again today, the dust filter wasn't as bad as it was last time but I cleaned them all anyway

If I have to change the clutch and belts as a unit, do I need any special tools or things to be aware of. I have all the usual torx bits so that shouldn't be any issue

On a side note, looking through previous postings about issues with the top cyclone seal, ours starting breaking up very early on and I managed to rescue most of it but there are some bits where the very thin seal had literally been sucked away so there is no seal as such. If it is vital then I'll make my own from very thin dense foam I'll hunt for. It appears to be an issue as its pretty much tissue paper thin so is no where near as thick or dense as it needs to be to make a long lasting seal

Thanks for any reply

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Re: Is my clutch worn - Advice ?
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2013, 05:48:35 pm »
Take a look at the white nylon wheel on the clutch that the brushbar belt runs on, see if its melted at all.

I take it there is no loud ratcheting noises?

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Re: Is my clutch worn - Advice ?
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2013, 08:41:39 am »
Fixed it, its back to trying to suck the carpet up and making a racket when the brush bar is on the wrong setting for the kitchen lino and back to trying to suck the lino up. In fact its back to how I think it was when we bought it .... difficult to push as there is so much suction

Cleaned all the filters properly, left them soaking for a couple of hours in a strong solution of oxyplus in a washing up bowl,  flushed out with cean water and left on the radiator for 24 hours, turning occasionally to make sure it was all dry before refitting this morning

I also removed my 'mod' that I thought might push the brush bar that little bit further down so making more contact with the carpet as I don't  think the brushes are long enough and Dyson were zero help there was I asked if there was a brush bar with longer bristles

Basically put a thin strip of paper underneath either side of the brush bar fitting so the brush bar now sat slightly lower, in theory pushing the bristles just that little bit further out for more contact with the carpet

The amount of dust that came out when I emptied it was shocking, and we hoover up at least once a day. Frequently twice with two dogs dropping hairs everywhere. I empty it everytime I use it so I can see exactly how much it picks up ..... which can be an awful lot making you wonder just how dirty your carpet really is

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