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The electricity cable on our DC03 has fractured near the on off switch resulting in the motor going   off and on intermittently when using the machine. Does anyone know how to take the yellow cover off the on off switch off to get at the cable and shorten it to effect a repair please.?.

I'll try to get a few pictures arranged to help you do this tomorrow.  :icon_nod:

Dyson Tech:
I got a few moments today to document this for you Chris.

When the switch unit is actually removed, you can see that the switch operates on a pivot as shown here:

So to get it out, you need to place a slim blade (we use one of >>these<<) down the side of the switch button, at each side, to dislocate the pegs from the holders:

Having removed the switch button, there is one T15 torx screw to undo here:

The switch unit then slides out for access to the end of the cable and the switch.

The hard part is knowing exactly where to place your blade at each side, which is why I showed you a switch unit removed, but re-assembled with the button in place. You need to be careful doing the first bit as the plastic may crack while you are manipulating it.

Hope that helps.

Excellent reply with pictures thank you Manchester Vacs techi.
Problem fixed,
a very good service...Chris 123

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You might want to take a look and tell us what you think of it.

Glad the info above was of help.  :tiphat:


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