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Dyson DC01 (and DA 001) / Re: DC01 YDK motor
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on Today at 12:25:13 AM »
Lovely! Iíll message you now 👍🏽
Dyson DC01 (and DA 001) / Re: DC01 YDK motor
« Last post by Dean on Today at 12:23:52 AM »
If your still looking for one give me a buzz! I have a one or two kicking about! :thumbsup:
Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: Dyson Ball Animal 2
« Last post by Halcyon on Yesterday at 04:30:56 PM »
I'm probably being paranoid as my partner keeps telling me but I've noticed that with any tool there's a little leak of air between hose and tool. Couldn't they fit there some rubber seal?
It it normal or should I text Dyson again?  :'(
At first it was only happening with tool adapter, now it's happening with all tools
Thanks for your advice, I checked the contacts for continuity from the bin contacts down to the pins at the bottom of the tube while it's in place, these checked out ok, stripped down the head itself and after a lot of screws and bits later found that the white wire going to the motor was broken and only held together by the insulation. After a bit of fiddly soldering and a some heat shrink plastic it's now working again, (for now), many thanks for all your help, it just goes to show that every day is a school day, all the best  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I have the opposite problem, I just bought a used DC24 YDK motor on eBay (just the motor, not the motor bucket assembly as well), but have been sent a Panasonic, so I guess that trying to fit this into the YDK bucket is a waste of time?
But if they were to supply a motor bucket as well then it would be OK?

Dyson DC01 (and DA 001) / Re: DC01 YDK motor
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on Yesterday at 12:42:05 AM »
Ohh right, cool thanks! I did check your parts site and realised it said they were out of stock, so didn't ask. I'll message Claire now
We recently had the pleasure of Edwina Currie visiting our shop to try out our Sebo vacuum cleaners. She was soon enamoured with the new black E1 Pet with the 1200w Boost and wisely took one home with her. We have these on sale right now at £255 inc. delivery - find them >>here<<.




Dyson DC01 (and DA 001) / Re: DC01 YDK motor
« Last post by MVacs on May 20, 2019, 11:11:34 PM »
They won't have any, that is an aged listing quoting a long gone Qtex number.

Did you ask us? We have them >>here<< when available, but updating is manual and not priority. If we notice we have a few we update it. We may well have some if you ask Claire.
Was trying to get it apart to get to the fan. Presumably, it's accessible under the plastic cap? Is there a nack to getting that off without ruining it? It's resisting all my efforts so far!
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