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Unless you are experienced in doing that, I wouldn't. It's really easy to come a cropper with batteries when you open them up.

As it's a Beko, if a swift Google or an eBay search doesn't locate a cheap battery, I'd bin it personally.
Great post Craftsman!

Absolutely! Fab and informative post, Craftsman.  :bow:
He has taken my v8 main unit and head home and tried it with the head from his v11, it doesnt work, are they compatible? would it be safe to assume that its a fault with my unit/pcb?

I would say so. They do go faulty. Yes, they're compatible.

I can't advise on internal repairs on them, as we only ever change full motor bodies.
Sebo Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Sebo x4 Extra - reassembling/rewiring handle
« Last post by MVacs on Today at 01:27:08 PM »
Have a look >>here<< and see if that helps.
There's currently a supply shortage of new Sebo handle and power cord assemblies caused by Covid related staffing and lockdown problems in Germany.


In response to this, we have started a Sebo flex replacement service by mail.

If you need a new flex fitting on your Sebo vacuum, go here: >>Sebo Vacuum Power Cord Repair Service by Post<<
I don't know exactly where the sensor is, but as you say, logically it must be in the airflow on the upstream side.
I have known Dyson provide replacement motor units even when out of warranty on these, because it's such a common fault. You have nothing to lose by trying for the sake of a phone call.
It's well out of warrenty so don't think I have any chance of a free swap. 

I'm looking at the front side of the control PCB where the battery connections are screwed on.

I can only see one side of the PCB and assume that the air pressure sensor would be on the reverse side.

There must also be a Hall sensor to read that the filter is in place.

It's pulsing to tell you that the airflow is restricted (or the sensor thinks it is). There's no battery fault from what you have said. So a new motor unit is the only certain cure. First call Dyson with your s/n  and report the fault, and they may well send you a new motor unit FOC. Obviously, do not say that you have stripped it and cleaned it, because that will have invalidated any remaining warranty.
They must have supplied many thousands of motor units under warranty, so it's always worth trying before you pay out yourself.
Thanks Macman,

So Is it the motor assembly that needs to be replaced or the battery?  Both are available for about 60 each.
Then I think you have done everything you can do. Is it still under warranty perhaps?
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