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Title: dc01 De Stijl repair or sell?
Post by: Balderz337 on August 18, 2019, 11:44:37 AM
I have acquired a Dyson DC01 De Stijl from my recently deceased brother-in-law's estate. It is functional, I have cleaned the outside and given it a look over. I have noticed the following;
1. The cannister release catch (incorporated on the HEPA filter cover) has snapped off - Cannister is not held securely in place
2. The power cable clip (located near the plug) is missing - approx 2 on ebay
3. It came with no hand tools, no paperwork and obviously no box
4. The fuse cover on the plug is missing
5. The filters will require replacing

Everything else seems to be there, its in good condition with good suction at the cleaner head and wand, brush bar spins fine.

Is it worth keeping and fixing up? or selling on to a collector/repairer for parts? I have a DC33 for my house, a DC04 for the garden (artificial grass), and a recent DC19t2 skip find for, well, I dont know yet but its clean and still requires the original head and tool set to be complete. The DC01 doesn't really have a place with me so it will be getting fixed up to be put in the loft - no point really. Is there much call for these from collectors?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: dc01 De Stijl repair or sell?
Post by: MVacs on August 18, 2019, 12:10:54 PM
They're not worth a fortune but if you put it on eBay as is, and be able to send it, it will probably do 20-40.