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Ok thanks,
Dubious about using the pattern batteries, mainly due to having experience with the 3750 cells they use.
In the past i have come across some of these type cells, namely ULTRAFIRE brand - fire in the name being the clue !
Seen them swell, glow and explode.

I have split many "knackered" batteries packs, removed the individual cells, gave them away to the lads in our sea fishing club (we use the fenix cree headlamps mainly) and these use the same individual cells as dyson packs.

In the last couple of years i have failed to find a bad 3750 cell in a dyson battery pack, so i suspect in my case the control pcb has some form of logical charge counter. (old panasonic toughbooks) cf27 model batteries have similar design and again with them all the cells were ok. On the battery casing there is a ps2 type connector leading to a populated pcb, so i suspect the battery pack counter can be reset ?
The dyson cells in the past were samsung 2200Mah or 2.2 amps at a nominal 3.75v - i discharged mine fully / safely in a housing cradle i purchased from china - then recharged 2 cells in a nitecore standalone charger with no issues on charge or discharge.
Very good quality cells actually, myself i use even better panasonic cells.

Worries me when i see shops with battery recycling boxes full, with the potential to short circuit / catch fire ?

Future quotes from myself to customers will be for a genuine battery now i think, as for the head i will give the option for a pattern or original, i will run the pattern stu and claire are sending me on my own v6.

Filters i will have a look at prices etc, but prob go for original as i dont like call backs...

First Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: DC15 v DC07
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on Today at 01:35:16 AM »
A DC75 is cool, Id recommend a DC41 mk2 or DC55 instead as they have a filter to protect the motor, they have the same performance and suction and the DC41/55 has slightly better airflow actually due to the less restricted airpaths
First Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: DC15 v DC07
« Last post by ohh_turbo on Yesterday at 11:06:32 PM »
thanks for the info, ill look out for a dc75 to test against the 07 and 15
anyone tried the battery and filters ?

Filters are OK if you get the right ones. Many fall out.  :snivel:

Batteries is a minefield. We've tested some for Q and it's 50/50 - not good enough to retail. I've spoke to the Chinese on it and margin -v- hassle/return/failure factor is not good enough. We only sell genuine batteries - but they fail too.  :'(
Pm returned stu.

And on the subject of pattern copies, anyone tried the battery and filters ?

Thanks Tayyab for the info.

Can you send me one to try please Stu...
Shall i phone shop tomorrow and pay by card or you want Bacs ?
First Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: DC25 adapter to fit v7 tools
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 08:19:46 PM »
DC39 is the same tool fitting as the DC25.

I haven't yet checked if we can offer an adaptor solution of some kind, I've tagged the shop to remind me. I'll come back tomorrow.
I've got loads of them. I'll do you a deal cheaper than the platforms if you want any.

They are OK, not as good as the Dyson ones but they are not Dyson money. Adequate on ones you are moving along.
First Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: DC15 v DC07
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on Yesterday at 02:34:30 PM »
Yep, as MVacs mentioned, the DC07 is Dyson's most powerful sucking upright.

If you want best carpet cleaning rersults from a Dyson, a DC07 still is a good choice (especially if it has no brush control), however a newer ball Dyson like the DC41/DC55/DC40/ DC75 ERP models (with the blue brushrolls in them) have outstanding performance. They agitate the carpet (literally vibrate the deep down grit out) and the design of the head along with the suction is why it's one of Dyson's best vacuums, especially at cleaning.

The hose suction is basic, like the DC15 but design is everything.
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