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Hi all - could I get your opinions on this fault please.

My DC40 has just developed a faulty brushbar. If i power the cleaner the head motor runs for a split second and then cuts out. Turning the cleaner off and on with the power switch resets the trip fuse, the head then turns again and instantly stops.
I've metered the supply being fed to the contacts and I'm getting approx. 320V DC presented at the pins. If I rotate the mechanism there's no sign of cut out whatsoever (320v presented throughout the  full motion) and there's no sign of fray on the cable loom feeding it.

I'm pretty sure it's not the wiring loom so logically it's probably the motor. Before I order one is there anything else that could cause this issue?

any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners / Dead X4 diagnosis
« Last post by boguing on Yesterday at 10:19:43 PM »
I've just been given a dead X4, which, if resuscitated, will make a perfect partner for my current one year old X4.

Symptoms = nothing happens when switched on. Swapped the bodies over and it's the bottom unit that's the culprit. No visible damage on either pcb or the wiring. What would the pros reckon? (I know I could swap bits from the good one, but after a long day, bashing the keyboard is too tempting...
Yep, highly illegal now, I feel like such a criminal!

And tbh, as great as they are, as in on full power you need the turbohead as it glues itself to the floor, the 1600w ones aren't too bad, I've not used anything smaller though

You could get one in for display, Miele and Sebo are equals in the good vacuum cleaner stakes!
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by beko1987 on Yesterday at 11:20:03 AM »
Like this (exactly the same motor and might be the same supressor wiring as yours too)



Just join the wires. Excuse my terrible job with one too many crimps but the wires going to the supressor have a diode in which pulls out VERY easily


I sort of try to unscientifically prove the interference thing here, filmed during the height of summer, bliss!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This will help you get it apart if you need too, their all the same,1358.0.html

Good luck sir!
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by beko1987 on Yesterday at 11:10:49 AM »
Yep, supressor has gone! Very common on that age, being a metal tube makes it sound 7x worse than it is!

Honestly, just remove it and join the wires together. It's not 1972 anymore, digital TV does not pick up the interference, I regularly use mine with no supressor and it affects nothing
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by Madrat on Yesterday at 12:11:59 AM »
Hmm possibly, if you can find the specs off the old capacitor your best bet is RS components or ebay might have the originals. BEKO (member on this forum, not the company) or ryevac will know more.
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by Sgr1973 on December 17, 2018, 10:24:41 PM »
Thanks for that.
I had wondered about damp with being in the garage. I realise how old they are and parts being scarce but are these particular parts you mention readily available if thatís the fault?
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by Madrat on December 17, 2018, 08:18:40 PM »
I would say it could be the capacitor has gone bang, but if its stored in the garage its could have got damp and has arced somewhere.
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners / Hoover Senior 6525E
« Last post by Sgr1973 on December 17, 2018, 07:37:09 PM »
Hi all,

I have a senior 6525E in first class condition (was!!) that seemed to blow up yesterday while in use. It was working perfectly than out of no where made a horrendous pop like bang, puff of smoke through the hood vents and a small flame for around a second before shutting down. It left a terrible smell.

 Its kept in the garage and not been used frequently.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could have happened and if they think it could be fixable? I thought it sounded like the motor was away but am not very tecnically minded.

Any help would be appreciated.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Miele Cat & Dog TT 5000 (S5260) - Stripdown and Refurb!
« Last post by MVacs on December 17, 2018, 04:49:25 PM »
2200w - a big un! More than twice what they are now due to daft EU rules.
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