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Title: A free DC01! Nearly the finish to my collection!
Post by: Dysonboy on January 08, 2020, 11:37:18 PM
Hiya everyone, I ain't posted on here for donkeys! feels like forever. Was it 2017 I was last regular here? Lol...

So I havent really done much with my vacuums of the last few years, coming to the end of school now so been focusing on that mainly is the important part but that doesnt mean I have left out my vacuums completly.

So I have this DC01 collection ever (accidentally) It started with one DC01 Standard which now I think I paid too much for at the time  :'( but since then ive slowly gained more to them, bought a De Stijl of a local mate, and then got an Antartica Solo free with some other vacuums!

Now last week was a bit chaos but I gained myself yet another DC01 for the first time in a few years. Its the DC01 blue and grey so essentially I just need the Absolute model then ive got the full DC01 set.

So we went and picked it up, I chucked it in the back of the car and went straight home, dropped it off then we set off for Smethwick (Birmingham) to look at a new car (Ford S-Max since our old 7 seater decided to have a fit and throw its rods...)

SO once we got the car came home and had a quick look at it, Its dirty, but its complete so that makes up for it   :thumbsup: both wheel guards are present and correct, all the CORRECT tools, the hose adapter etc.. It doesnt look too bad at all fade wise, its pretty clean for fading, havent tested yet but apparently runs.

Fingers crossed a good clean up and it will be spot on, then its find an Absolute and have a full collection.. Meanwhile still keeping an eye for a good DA001  ;)
Title: Re: A free DC01! Nearly the finish to my collection!
Post by: ClassicDysonDealer on April 06, 2020, 06:27:37 PM
hi I have a super nice da001 1994