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Title: 1979 Kirby Tradition
Post by: RustySkull on March 05, 2016, 09:43:59 PM
Well well well, I've acquired another Kirby to my ever growing collection! This one has been stored for many many years outside however.
It may appear the this one will need more than simply cleaning and a few parts replacing.

Now, I have filmed part one and two of the strip down, part one is live but part two I am editing now. But, seen as you lot enjoy a nice photo I took some of those also especially for you!

This is what came out of the blockage!

Those are some of the photos I took, I was very high on Carb Spray (You'll find out why in Part Two's Video)

Here is Part One:

I'll add part two when I make it live ;)

Enjoy my friends! [/size][/font][/b]