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Title: Dyson Dc15 Animal Hepa Filter
Post by: fretwizard67 on June 01, 2012, 06:27:37 AM
Hi all, Newbie to the forums and first post so be gentle with me.
I wonder has anyone found a cheaper replacement to the expensive hepa filter cartridge for these machines. I'm sure that one of the other machines hepas must fit inside that housing if you cut out the old one just not sure which would fit and hoping someone else has had this thought to and tried it already.
Thanks for reading.
Title: Re: Dyson Dc15 Animal Hepa Filter
Post by: Dyson Tech on June 01, 2012, 10:07:33 PM
I am not aware that anyone makes an after market DC15 HEPA filter; as they were made in relatively small numbers (compared to other Dyson models) it likely wouldn't be commercially viable to do so.

Accordingly, Dyson seize that opportunity with both hands, which is why they are about thirty quid.  :D

I find that when Dyson control the after-market market with spares for a low selling model machine, they tend to shamelessly empty the pockets of those who want to buy the spares. It matters not one wit where you buy genuine stuff in those circumstances, prices will be pretty similar at any site (give or take two or three quid) because Dyson do not bulk discount or do deals. One reason we can price match anyone on genuine Dyson stuff is because we all get pretty much the same discount from listed retail. Add P&P, card fees and a margin for profit, and it is challenging (but entirely possible) to beat Dyson's retail price.

This is why sites like espares charge more than Dyson themselves do - so they actually make a profit.   :coffee:

This is also why we constantly press for lower prices - because we expect to be able to beat sites like espares and other large parts sites because we are brand specific and thus likely buy more than they do; so if anyone is getting discounts, we hope to be somewhere near the top of the tree. If we can pass discounts along - we do.