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my dad has a dyson dc30 which keeps cutting out and has a flashing green light. if you release the trigger and press it again it will fire up and do the same. i believe battery is fully charged and filters are clean.

any help greatly appreciated

A federal jury (in the USA) has ordered vacuum cleaner maker Shark (Ninja) to pay $16 million to rival manufacturer Dyson for allegedly falsely claiming their vacuums had significantly more suction or were better at deep-cleaning than Dyson’s models.

A federal jury has ordered vacuum cleaner maker SharkNinja to pay $16 million to rival manufacturer Dyson for allegedly falsely claiming their vacuums had significantly more suction or were better at deep-cleaning than Dyson’s models.

On Monday, the jury returned the verdict after a 10-day trial in Chicago federal court, finding the Massachusetts-based SharkNinja had falsely advertised over a four-month period in 2014 the performance of its Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away cleaner, relative to the performance of certain products made by Dyson.

Dyson is based in the United Kingdom. Its U.S. headquarters is in Chicago.

After two hours of deliberations, the jury found SharkNinja owed Dyson $16.4 million payable from its “profits” from August to December 2014.

Gregg LoCascio - Kirkland & Ellis

Dyson had filed suit in 2014, accusing SharkNinja of violating the federal Lanham Act, by running an advertising campaign in which it claimed its Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuums, model NV650, “cleans carpets better” than Dyson’s DC65 vacuum, which Dyson had begun selling in January 2014. The ads asserted the claims were based on “independent lab testing.”

The Shark NV650

The Dyson DC65

But Dyson asserted these claims were untrue and initiated the court action to address what Dyson said were its rival’s “intentional and willful” false claims.

While Dyson lost its initial request for a preliminary injunction, the company persisted in the litigation, taking the matter to trial – a rarity for false advertising claims.

Dyson attorney Gregg LoCascio, of the firm of Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago, said the process was important, particularly given what Dyson learned in discovery, to “publicly air” the facts of the case.

“In this situation, Dyson was the innovator,” LoCascio  said. “Shark had been comparing (its product) to Dyson, to try to say they were the same or better than Dyson, but cheaper.

“Their products were not as good or better than Dyson. Shark went way over the line here.”

During the trial, SharkNinja’s CEO also testified before the jury.

Jurors also were allowed to pose questions to the litigants, as well.

LoCascio  said the $16.4 million award was very close to an $18 million maximum amount Dyson could claim in the matter, and helps to recompense some of the harm LoCascio said Dyson suffered during the final four months of 2014, typically the busiest time of the year for vacuum cleaner sales.

As the prevailing party in the litigation, Dyson can also petition the court to require SharkNinja to pay its attorney fees, or otherwise increase the jury’s award.

SharkNinja attorney John Froemming, of Jones Day, of Washington, D.C., declined to comment on the verdict.

Dyson was also represented in the action by attorneys Robin McCue and Megan New, of Kirkland & Ellis, and Dyson general counsel Jason Brown.

Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Re: Wheels On Flat Tool
« Last post by MV Claire on June 12, 2018, 03:15:40 PM »
Try warming up the head on the radiator and then prise them off. The axle should come off with the wheel.
Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Wheels On Flat Tool
« Last post by smokie1010 on June 11, 2018, 10:01:52 PM »
Hi, does anyone know how to get the wheels off the Flat Head Tool? Its like the one in the photo below.
Problem is the wheels are not turning and on closer inspection I can see loads of hair around the axle which must be jamming the wheels and stopping them from turning. Thanks
We now have the widetrack Sebo BS460 in stock. 46cm wide This is the commercial vacuum cleaner you want if you have BIG floors!

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Introductions / Re: New Members - How did you find us?
« Last post by MVacs on June 10, 2018, 05:54:31 PM »
Welcome to the site. Glad you are finding it useful.  :tiphat:
Introductions / Re: New Members - How did you find us?
« Last post by LRMan on June 10, 2018, 05:35:24 PM »

What a brilliant forum  :bow:

Found you simply by googling my DC40 brush bar not working.

Would have wasted money on at least a new head motor until I found out on here about the inherent fault on these where the wires are actually clean cut, somehow?  :'(

Anyway, using my trusty soldering iron, heat shrink tubing and a lot of cursing, thanks to beko1987's incredible pictorial stripdown I've got ours running for now until I get a new loom. Just need to find out what is cutting through the wires...

Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: dyson dc40 brushbar not turning
« Last post by LRMan on June 09, 2018, 09:41:17 PM »
Hey beko, I owe you a pint for that awesome pictorial strip down  :thumbsup:  :bow: :bow:

I had the dreaded broken wire(s)  :'( and was about to buy a new brush bar motor (what a waste of money that would have been!)

I decided to take a quick look around the net and came across this amazing forum and your equally amazing thread.

Thanks for taking the time to put that all together (the pics, as well as the DC40)

Beko 1987 has one it seems. He replied the FB topic linked to this post. I am sure he'll contact you shortly.
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