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Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / dc40 erp cov hose
« Last post by ryevac on Today at 01:58:36 PM »
Got a dc40 erp with ripped internal change over hose, can anyone remind me how to remove old one please. ?
Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Is My Dyson an ERP Model?
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 09:44:28 PM »
This topic is here just to link customers from sales listings who need clarification as to if they have an ERP model or machine or not. Some spare parts differ between ERP machines and non-ERP machines.

When a machine is an ERP model it will have this red slider:

If your DC40, DC41, DC55 or DC75 has that red slider, it's an ERP. If it doesn't, it isn't.  :thumbsup:
When the cable is unwound and lifting by the handle it separates too easily and comes off . The hose is attached ok and you hear a click as the handle is pushed onto the body .

Not quite sure what's broken or needs adjusting if anyone has any pointers.

ryevac, thank you sir. I wouldn't have thought to look at the base for a label!
I can confirm (with a magnifying glass) on the base of my head it is says 16.2V @ 35W. That's just over 2 amps in my case.

Thanks again, it means I only need to drop the supply a couple of volts.
Sorry for delay, phone never stopped yesterday.

label on the head quotes 16.2v @ 20w (1.234a)

stripped mine, 16v on motor  1.15a.
My v6 is the older type head however, just noticed the pics of yours

The max switch on main unit makes no difference to head supply either, always 16v.
Correct, the main unit doesn't supply a voltage without the head attached.
This is either current detecting circuitry, or a type of open collector circuitry where the head motor is the load in a drive circuit.
Thank you very much ryevac, I await your response.
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Sebo Vacuum Cleaners / Re: X4 suddenly stopped working..
« Last post by MVacs on July 15, 2018, 02:08:07 PM »
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