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Title: Suction too much
Post by: Brink on August 19, 2020, 10:07:11 AM
I've just replaced the pre and post motor filters (changing the post motor from a pad to a HEPA filter) in a DC07 we were recently given.

However, my wife is now complaining that it's too hard to push, and literally lifiting the carpet from the floor when going over it. 

Strangely while hoovering the car last week, I also noticed the hose seemed to keep collapsing on itself too. 

Any ideas on either problem?
Title: Re: Suction too much
Post by: ryevac on August 19, 2020, 01:38:53 PM
Is it clutched or non clutched ?
Ensure sole plate rollers (if clutched) are free and also that the sole plate in ether instance is clean.

Hard to push i have had, but revealed to be customers carpet having a protective scotchguard sprayed on it and it left the soleplate sticky.

Heard of this issue, but never had it myself, did i read that in the past someone drilled a couple of holes in the soleplate and removed the soleplate string gasket (if fitted) ?