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Sebo Vacuum Cleaners / Anyone got a Sebo Airbelt E?
« Last post by MVacs on Today at 08:00:18 PM »
One of these in any colour?

I have a prototype bag from a spare parts manufacturer that wants checking for fit and function. We dont have one in at the moment.

I'll mail it out to you if anyone has one?
I've bought a used cable for dc14 in good condition wire is dirty, but doesn't bother me.
Anyway, Dyson DC23 is 100% (has been for a while now), works like a treat, so thought I'd just come back and "finish things off" as far as the forum goes.  Has a new motor that I fitted and a new HEPA filter (bought from Man Vacs - even with shipping costs it was cheaper than what was available in Australia).  Stripped down everything on the DC23 as per Beko's excellent tear-down description.  Found a T10 machine screw for the plastic motor shroud (black bin) - got a whole packet in fact for just $3 from a large hardware chain - not too difficult in the end when you determine exactly what you're looking for (could sell the rest of the machine screws in the packet for a bloody mint on ebay but won't do that!).  I did use a dab of "JB Weld" on the inside of the T10 machine screw for a bit of extra hold - motor held in place in the black bin with four machine screws and a little JB Weld and won't budge.

I got the old machine screw (had its head sheared off - too much torque when tightening- use a torx screwdriver, rather than a torx bit and a rachet!) out by using a bit of chemistry!  The body of the vac is ABS (acylonitrile butadiene styrene) I believe, so I used a drop of acetone ("non-enviro-friendly" old style nail polish) on the headless screw which softened/dissolved the ABS enough around the top of the screw so I could get purchase on the shaft of the headless screw with needle nose pliers and screw it out.  I then quickly cleaned the area to remove the acetone and stop further softening by using some IPA (iso propyl alcohol).  All good - new T10 machine screw went in fine but I used a little dab of JB Weld to make sure it was secure.

Anyway, the Man Vac forum is great, and if you get some Torx screwdrivers (T10 and T15) and read through the info here then you're on your way to fixing most things Dyson - take your time.  Man Vacs parts are super competitive price-wise and you know what you're getting is quality - even still worth buying after adding freight to Australia - so you guys in the UK have it good with Man Vacs.

Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: My first ball
« Last post by ryevac on Today at 02:45:26 AM »
Beko did an amazing dissection of the dc 40,,,,3166.0.html

Only a reset switch for the head motor on this one i believe.
With a bit of luck they mean the head motor and not the main motor !

If the latter then yoke looms are prone to breaking, done a few of them.
I haven't done the main motor on one of these - yet  :underchair:
The main switch can fail, i had a dc25 today that wouldn't latch,  if the head motor works but main motor does not then big motor probably could be bye bye.
I am looking forward to my first main motor change on one of these tbh.
Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / My first ball
« Last post by Dysonboy on Today at 12:34:24 AM »
So, picking up a new dyson tommorow
11 quid has got me a DC40 with all tools and instructions bagged and unused they reckon motor has gone. What areas should I check for damage and if I understand right, DC40s have reset switched for certain parts. They didn't give much detail so i'm hoping its something simple

Dyson DC14, DC17, DC27, DC28 and DC33 / Re: Dyson DC 29 - noise
« Last post by Dysonboy on Today at 12:30:18 AM »
heh yes no a new filter can be damaged?
Sometimes when buying a new hepa filter you have to swap the seals with either your old one if non supplied, or they will supply seals, most likely you need to make sure seals are present and are sealing okay.
Dyson DC14, DC17, DC27, DC28 and DC33 / Re: Early DC14 or later DC14
« Last post by Dysonboy on Today at 12:26:00 AM »
I must say when i have sold refurbed 14's, the white / orange one's always sell first.

Yes I do love the white orange, I see why they sell well for you
AYe ok, if you hold your v6 remove the tool and put the palm of your hand over the end whilst switched on - it will do the same, basically it's a warning.

If you look at end of most tools they have holes before the end, a certain amount of air is allowed to travel if the tool is deep into a surface and airflow reduced
Other guys will no doubt correct me if i am wrong. ;)
Thanks. Have tried on low power, not max. I was resigning myself to the fact that my Dyson V6 just won't do this particular task with the vac packs and I will have to get something else with a standard hose and normal suck! 😒
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