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I'm sure we can find one of those. Claire will email you.

Welcome to the site.  :tiphat:
Hi folks,

So half of the brushroll on our DC41 (non ERP) stopped being motorised (span freely) a while back, and I've just gotten around to dismantling it to find out why and try to fix.

The brushroll drive cog, which should look like this:

has snapped on one side, as such:


I know I could fix it by buying the part head assembly (, but since it's such a small part which has broken, I'm reluctant to spend 50!

Is there any cheaper way for me to buy a replacement for this part, or perhaps even fix it?

Any ideas / suggestions welcome!

We have a quantity of pre-EU vacuum ban 1100-1300w (46cm wide track commercial vacuums) available. Brand new with standard Sebo warranty.

We have the Sebo 470.

And also the Sebo XP3.


Explanatory article on our Sebo site here: We Have Some High Wattage Commercial Sebo Vacuums Still Available.
Mine was a 2.0tct estate auto. Couldn't afford the fuel in the end, which was a shame. Should save up and get a 2.1td really
I'm on my fourth. First was a 2.1 vsx hatch series 2. Second was a 2.5 vsx estate series 2. Third was a 2.0 Tct Exclusive hatch series 2 with lpg. I've still got my 2.1 SED hatch series 1. She's been off the road a while but will put her back on next spring.
Yep! Lovely car, if it was a diesel I would have kept it
Citroen XM by any chance?
Which Vacuum Cleaner Is for Me? / Re: Which Dyson?
« Last post by beko1987 on October 18, 2018, 09:19:40 PM »
The DC02 in white is quite rare, but it would have to be in mint condition with all it's tools to be worth proper money. Otherwise still don't bin it, as spares are non-existant for it! DC02's are funny in that their pretty unloved, but are quite good when their working properly. They just have first gen cyclone technology which doesn't work terribly well. That's why vax/hoover cyclones aren't too fab as all the patents expired on the DC02 and every man and his dog copied it badly. Seems the newer dyson tech is more robustly protected hence it's not filtered down yet.
Introductions / Re: Hello! Hoover Constellations
« Last post by beko1987 on October 18, 2018, 09:16:29 PM »
That is genius, yes, I'll see if I can give that a try one day! I don't have too much issue with fully 'sealed' bearings, usually their either rusty scrap or 'not too bad', the most recent ones I had issue with were on an Electrolux Twin Turbo, and tbh I couldnt get the puller in to get them off anyway so the above method wouldn't have worked.

Currently in the middle of a 1996 Henry refurb, it's bearings aren't the best, but new ones are ruddy expensive (629d's). They got a 2 day soak in Autosmart Tardis (wasn't buying 4 worth of unleaded for 2 bearings...) then new grease and their better, should perk up when I fire the machine up after repairing a broken coil wire, but it'll never be perfect.Just good enough
Ah, then motor it is!

It is possible to drip some oil onto the bearings and hope that cures it:

The top bearing is easy as that's at the top of the motor, simply stand the motor on the fancase and stick a good few drips of 3-in-1 oil on and let it soak in.

The fancase bearing isn't as easy, and involves removing the fancase, undoing the fan nut, removing the nut, washer, fan, washer and spacer ring, then unscrewing the fancase back cover, then you can get at the fancase bearing in the same way. Or see if Mvacs have a good, used motor, TBH a brand new motor probably doesn't cost 140....

You also need to feel confident to get the motor out and stripped apart exactly as I did above, as you'll need it at that state to get to the bearings. I don't recommend splitting the motor fully and replacing the bearings as their cheap motors, with mainly press-fitted components and you'd need a bearing puller and bearings, and a way to tap the new bearings on which is always a pain!
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