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Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Dyson's tools to work with Miele
« Last post by Halcyon on Yesterday at 09:38:26 PM »
That's what I thought, but I still had some hope.
Do you think that Miele's turbo brush would be as effective as Dyson's turbine head?
It's 49.99 at Curry's and you can get pack of 4 bags in the price
Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Dyson's tools to work with Miele
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 09:36:03 PM »
I think there is no easy way to do that without fashioning something unique involving a cut and shut and some glue.
Dyson in the News / Re: The New Dyson V11 (SV14) Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 09:34:02 PM »
Beko above has already bought one and there is a more detailed topic >>here<<.
Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Dyson's tools to work with Miele
« Last post by Halcyon on Yesterday at 03:26:09 PM »
So basically I can attach quick release tool adapter to Miele's tube but it's the same size as Dyson's turbine, if it makes any sense ila_renderedila_rendered
In my 2 bed house, it could pass as the only cleaner based on my use this morning...

Right up until I did the bathroom and needed to get the dust from behind the sink... Then the celebrity with its hose came out! I also tipped it upside down to do up on the extractor fan whilst it was a bit full and all the dirt fell the other way and caused a blizzard inside it.
Super and solid info as ever.  :bow:

Although I haven’t seen much yet personally that would make me change from my V8 to the new V11, we all need to learn about them don’t we?

What is not often mentioned with any of the cordless machines is that really they are still secondary machines. Often times, Dysons marketing is misleading in this respect lulling people into the belief that it can be used as a main vacuum to replace a mains powered vacuum.

I don’t believe they can be used as a main vacuum cleaner unless you happen to live in one of the sterile 15th floor Singaporean apartments shown in Dysons marketing. For people who live in the real world with houses full of children and animals they are only suitable as a secondary machine.

You may yet convince us otherwise the with the new V11.

These are the three heads you get with the Absolute, the Torque Light head, which does work very well on the right carpet, and the whole cleaner adjusts it's power as it cleans (just like Hoover did in the early 90s with Autosense!). However it's awful on laminate flooring, need to make a video showing that! The Fluffy head is good, bit prone to twisting itself around all it's joints if you push it too fast though and the mini turbo tool.

Interesting to note already after conversations with other collectors (Mr Steve Jones for one) is the motor's in these 3 heads are more powerful than they were on the V8 and 10

The Torque Light is 100w, the V10's power head is 50w
Fluffy on the V11 is 30w, not 20, the same with the small turbo tool. So, this is where they get their "50% greater suction*******" heavily caveated headline from!


This is the tool holder, which actually works very well. I'd been using it all day and have not noticed it tbh, although I haven't tried to clean anywhere narrow yet. The tools are not a snug fit, but won't come off anytime soon!


And there we go! 50 a month for 12 months, I hope to get some content and value out of it! Anyone want any specific things demonstrating? I have a few things in mind already, but want to build up a list of things to potter through and upload a video a week or similar.

What is very obvious though, is it's no massive step up from a V10. It's JUST like mobile phones! If you have a Galaxy S9, an S10 is pointless. V6 or V7, then maybe (although it is MUCH heavier than a V6, but much taller, I don't like the V6 as it is quite short for me, the V10 is taller) but you have to do your research, as 599 is not a happy number tbh. Very gadgety, but you pay the price for it!

I've bought one!

I let my youtube video adsense payments go into an old current account so it's 'out of the way' and decided to put it to good use by buying something fun. I bought a V11! It came yesterday

I'm paying 50 a month, interest free for 12 months. Eases the shock of this being 599! I've only ever bought 1 car for 600, my current ZX cost me 100!

Anyway, part of the reason for this is to maybe ride the wave of views and trend and all the things that I never really do, as you know! So it has to work a bit for me, and I'll be keeping my eye on any videos I can do.

More importantly, I can hopefully give it a proper real world test, rather than the social media influencers who get given one for free. 2 children and a partner who would rather I throw all my vacuums in a skip rather than using them...

But, that's a way off yet, here is the initial little video I put up whilst unboxing it

And here is the main unboxing and general look!

So, 24 hours in, what is it like? Well first, some pictures!


This is the box they ship it inside

The inner box that holds the cleaner itself


All unpacked!





The LCD screen, which is one of the few differences with this and the V10. The screen is a really good idea, showing you runtime left and the power mode. However, it's terrible quality! Really pixellated, the animations are blurry as heck, it reminds me of when I had one of these back in the day

They missed a huge trick not sticking a little OLED screen in there, the cost would have been miniscule.
Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Dyson's tools to work with Miele
« Last post by Halcyon on Yesterday at 01:03:38 AM »
It's red button
Miele Vacuum Cleaners / Re: Dyson's tools to work with Miele
« Last post by MVacs on March 22, 2019, 09:05:55 PM »
You want a 32mm to 35mm adaptor then, and use what Dyson call a "universal" adaptor (which is nothing of the sort) to make the "Euro symbol" fitting end into a 32mm. one.

On second thoughts...........

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Is this red button tools you have or Euro symbol type?
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