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Title: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Bendini on December 04, 2013, 11:50:18 PM
Hi All

I have a CR01 which still has contra-rotation enabled and is working OK. However, I have noticed recently that the front drum is turning slower than the rear one. It is doing this in contra-rotation and normal modes. It would seem to be slipping as the weight of the washing on the paddles, particularly in contra-rotate mode is making it struggle to rotate at all. As I say it is also running slower in the other parts of the cycle when both drums are going in the same direction. It is not making any bearing noises or showing any fault codes. It seems that it isn't a gearbox or servo fault as to a lesser extent it is still running slow on the front drum when it is supposed to be locked and running as one. The gearbox is a little noisy but that I believe is par for the course. Can anybody shed light on what the problem is and if it is fixable etc? Thanks
Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: MV Claire on December 05, 2013, 04:20:15 PM
Why don't you PM and send a link to Danielandthelions on our forum. He may be able to help.
Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Danielandthelions on December 07, 2013, 02:57:30 AM

That is rather odd, I've never heard of that as they are quite sturdily geared together.

You really need to take the back off and turn it manually both in contra rotate and in 'normal' mode.

If no sense of whats going on there can be made, then undo the torx bolt in the middle of the big disc on the back pull off and all of the gear assy too for an even closer look (minding you remove the selector motor first).

I can only think some bad things have happened to either the teeth on the gears or on the drum axle itself.

I am hope I am wrong, but if not, you are the first to have this issue and it maybe a sign that these bits -once thought of as nearly indestructible do have a finite life span :-(

Advise how things go.

Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Bendini on December 09, 2013, 09:08:32 AM
Hi Daniel

Thanks for that. I have done some repairs on these before but not in the gearbox/drum area. I note that when the cycle is finished and the machine is empty you can put your hand inside the drum and rotate the front against the back section. It doesn't really make any grinding or undue noises. I suspect perhaps this is a gearbox issue? It is perhaps getting noisier in contra-rotate mode. I don't understand enough about the gearing. I guess the front drum is attached to a spindle that goes through to the gearbox at the back. Perhaps it is rotating where it should be fixed at the front? Or if there is a central gear at the back on the end of the shaft, maybe it is slipping against the spindle?

 I also have a CR02 which is software locked and it would appear, having engaged the servo manually, mechanically seized, (opposite sort of issue, ironically!!) which does work fine though, so I will substitute the two machines and as you suggest take the gearbox assembly off the CR01 and have a look. It's a shame because the machine is otherwise still going well. Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Danielandthelions on December 09, 2013, 03:27:00 PM
Yes, it does sound like something hopefully not, but quite likely serious going on with the gearbox, there isn't very much to this -it is just 3 gears and easy to remove from the back of the machine.

You sound very able though and as you have nothing to lose, maybe it is time to take it to bits and get the low down on whats going on, once done you can also apply it to the cr02 and bring it back to working in contra-rotate mode. Once de limescaled -and as long as your bearing is good along with the seal (though both can be bought) your machine will be as good or better than new :-)

I want to attach a very well made pdf document going through the process of dismantling a dyson. It is not my work though but someone far more able than me on facebook :-) and thanks must goto him. But at present the site will not allow it me do so -will look into asking if this can be done
Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Bendini on January 10, 2014, 09:33:05 PM
Hi All

I managed to get to the bottom of this problem. A very useful fellow called Jason Kelly helped with parts and pointed me in the right direction. What had happened was that the big nut with the 4 cutouts that goes on the outer drum spindle behind the gearbox and which retains the gearbox pan had worked loose allowing the pan and planetary ring gear to move. The pan has two tags that locate in corresponding  slots in the outer spindle. These had broken off so that the gearbox was turning on the pan but the pan had become detached from the spindle/front drum. The rear drum's inner shaft has splines which locate it so that was still rotating. The slight movement in the front drum which remained was probably caused by friction from the slip ring between the two drums and perhaps the broken pan still catching slightly on the spindle. I managed to get a replacement gearbox pan from Jason and removed and refitted the big nut with a hammer and chisel, in order to swap the pan. I refitted the gearbox/outer pulley and belt and then did a Spin Only cycle which has a little contra-rotate phase at the end. Hey Presto all seems well. I have yet to plumb the CR01 back in and test it wet and under load but I think all should be well.

So if you have a slipping or slow turning front drum the most likely cause is stripped lugs in the gearbox pan (the bit behind the gearbox with the internal nylon planetary gear ring) I hope this may be of help!!
Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: MVacs on January 12, 2014, 08:04:27 PM
Does the Jason chap have a site? I am happy to point folk there for parts inquiries we get that we cant help with. We have some stuff but by no means all.
Title: Re: Cr01 - Front Drum Turning Slow
Post by: Bendini on January 12, 2014, 10:16:47 PM
Hi there

Jason Kelly does not have a site. He can, however, be contacted for help and advice if you search eBay - User ID:- j2k193  I think  his specialism is the electronics side as he can do mother board repairs etc and supplied me with a V131S control panel. I hope this information may be of help!