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Title: Buy & Sell Rules - Please Read Before Posting
Post by: MVacs on February 17, 2016, 12:31:19 AM
Buy & Sell - Small Ads Terms and Conditions: This forum is for private adverts of items for sale and wanted by our forum members. Items here are advertised for private sale and Manchester Vacs cannot take any responsibility for the goods and/or the transaction as it is a contract between two private parties and unconnected to us.

Commercial advertisements should not be placed here. We strongly suggest you add an image or link when selling items, why? Because you'll sell it faster, give it a try! Phone numbers and email addresses are allowed. (We recommend using the PM facility though.)

Spam and trade ads will be removed from this room without notice by the Moderators.

Rules for placing an advertisement here:

Enjoy the facility and if you have any questions, please PM any Moderator. All Moderators can edit/delete/advise in this room.