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Title: Electrolux Mondo Z1190EM
Post by: beko1987 on February 26, 2016, 05:11:51 PM
I saw this on Freecycle earlier in the week, and made arrangements with the seller to pick it up at lunchtime today. Henley was bloody heaving, but, eventually, bursting for a wee I got back to Mums with it


I remember these being sold new, and did have a tool less one years ago with a blown motor

Some new filters were included, which is good as the ones with it are past ruined


A new, sealed box of bags


Came with 3 tools, but the crevice tool is not from this machine, and therefore doesn't fit in the caddy




It was advertised as having a noisy motor. When I turned it on it blew the release valve open straight away, but removing the clogged filters but keeping the full bag in worked well, and she runs like a champ

Need to look at the power button, it's really hard to push. Stripdown and Refurb thread coming soon!