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Title: DC07 motor replacement.
Post by: Dysonboy on January 20, 2019, 05:06:27 PM
So.. back in June last year I flogged a refurbished DC07 in white to my mate for 40 squids.

Fast forward to last Thursday and I arrived home to a few messages on my phone.

So I went down to his and picked up the machine. Lobbed a new (good used) motor in (Didn't have any new ready) and gave it a wipe around, and one hour later took it back to him. Offered to do the work for free because of how short a life it lasted, but his Dad really wanted to give me a tenner. Job well done for now!

The cause of the failure was the top bearing had failed miserably. I originally suspected brushes and commutator but just turned out to be the top bearing. I guess you could replace the bearing and off you go again. The price of a new motor just aint worth it!