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Title: Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vs Sebo E1 Excel
Post by: Halcyon on November 18, 2019, 03:10:46 PM
Hello guys,
I'm probably the most undecided person in the world, I know know. I change my mind about vacuum cleaners like every month.
Anyway, we've tried quite a lot of cleaners.
We've had an older version of Small Ball but it's been given to my partner's mother cause her Dc25 died.
We have Sebo E1 Excel, no boost version. And I'm thinking about getting the new Small Ball Allergy, it's 199 plus 4 tools. I know, some of you know that I had a Ball Animal 2 but I had a go with my friend's Light Ball and I find is so much different to Ball Animal 2. It's easier to use the hose, it's smaller and a bit lighter.  And the new Small Ball is exactly the same as Light Ball.
199 plus 5 years warranty.
The Sebo that we've got is second hand it probably needs new filters. The hose also makes a whistling nose around the handle so it probably needs changing too. It's gonna come to around 70

To my surprise my partner really likes the Sebo. I think Dyson would be better as the hair doesn't get tangled around the brush roll. With Sebo it would definitely need cleaning on both mini and big one.
Plus obviously cost of bags. Luckily they're not that expensive. Although I read that the cleaner loses suction when the bag gets around half full.

We live in a 3 storey house with laminate on one floor. But we're planning to move the house in the future so we're gonna have more carpets definitely.

We also have a Dyson V6 Absolute for some quick cleaning.

What machine do you think would be better for house with 2 cats? And I'm thinking about cleaning abilities more than reliability.
Title: Re: Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vs Sebo E1 Excel
Post by: Parwaz7862 on November 19, 2019, 11:40:34 PM
I'd go for the new Small ball at 200 they are a bargain especially with the extra tools provided. I have a Light ball and I honestly think it's basically a new DC14 because the DC14 is a kickass machine that does the job with no fuss. The noise level is also brilliant. The cleanerhead on the new Dysons are absolutely fantastic because they groom excelllently, make minimal noise and are sitable for all floors. They also have bumps on the brushbar so agitate the carpet from underneath. Get the Dyson
Title: Re: Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vs Sebo E1 Excel
Post by: Halcyon on November 30, 2019, 02:49:52 PM
So I went with Small Ball.
It definitely pick us better than older Small Ball or Sebo E1 as after vacuuming there's loads of fine dust. Great on hard floors and soo much easier to use the hose than on Ball Animal 2..

Although I'm not really sure if it keeps dust inside. I obviously empty it outside but the seal on the top of cyclone doesn't seem to be very tight.



Sometimes I can wipe fine dust from the place where it says Root cyclone technology and I'm not sure if it's static or it it escapes somehow through the seal.

The tangle free turbine is also disappointing at some levels. It's great on cat tree and bed throws but on my black carpet on stairs is rubbish. It takes few passes to clean the hair and there's still something left.
Same with sofa and chair. Upholstery tool doesn't cope with hair cause it only has one velour strip and tangle free turbine leaves plenty of hair..  :underchair:

The only thing I have in mind is getting an adapter to use a 32mm upholstery tool with two velour strips. It works great on sofas and chairs.

Title: Re: Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vs Sebo E1 Excel
Post by: Parwaz7862 on December 01, 2019, 12:43:06 AM
I wouldnt worry about that, basically it's a seal that has a fold in it so that when the machine is on, the seal gets tighter and the fold opens and therefore seals against the bin, but I see no reason it would even leak, the bin flap seals are what I worry about. My light ball has good seals there so it's all good

Dust isn't going to escape from that seal BTW because the vacuum is sucking air, not blowing, it's static that builds up and attracts dust from the air you're breathing because the vacuum is plastic and the cyclones spin the air very fast and it's why static occurs on the blue part of the vacuum and surrounding areas
Title: Re: Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vs Sebo E1 Excel
Post by: Halcyon on January 21, 2020, 08:13:17 PM
I got the adapter and it works beautifully now. Picks up cats' hair from furniture and carpet on stairs much much better than with provided upholstery tool or tangle free turbine. I can also use my old Hoover's mini turbo but don't need it as old upholstery tool works perfectly. The adapter's got a really tight fit.