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Title: Dyson CR01 - Manuals and software downgrade?
Post by: markocosic on October 01, 2012, 03:22:09 AM

I've just picked up a dead CR01 and will pick up a couple more to cannabalise to fix each other. Couple of questions:

-Are there any dealer manuals/service engineer manuals for these floating about online?

-Can the software be "downgraded" to reinstate the contra-rotation The one I've just picked up has been hobbled with "improved" software to locked the drum. I'd like to unlock the drum - bearings are not expensive.


Title: Re: Dyson CR01 - Manuals and software downgrade?
Post by: Bendini on February 12, 2013, 09:04:53 PM
Hi there

I believe that it is possible to 'software downgrade' a CR01 or CR02 although some references suggest that if the gearbox mechanically fails Dyson sometimes put replacement parts in which would make it impossible to re-instate contra-rotation by changing the software back. I believe that usually it was done software only as a preventative measure 'too prolong life of the bearings'!! What I am not sure about is how to undo the software upgrade. I have a CR01 that does contra-rotate and a CR02 which doesn't. Some of the segments in the display on the CR02 control panel recently failed and I bought a replacement, supposedly donated from a machine which still contra-rotates,  in order to sort this problem out and hoping to restore contra-rotation at the same time. I have only tested the new panel on a spin only cycle because the CR02 is in my garage and not plumbed in. However, the CR01 does a short contra-rotation right at the end of the final spin/spin only and my CR02 still doesn't with the new panel fitted (all the segments are good though!!). I am not sure if my donor control panel also has the later software after all, if a contra-rotating CR02 doesn't do a little contra-rotating at the end of the cycle or whether Dyson engineers used a device plugged into the main board  to do the software 'upgrade' (downgrade!!) Any information on this would be appreciat