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Think there more powerful than standard junior.
Do they use just a standard junior motor? I've never had one so not sure. Otherwise, what's wrong with it?
Folks, please use the PM system for email exchange and don't publish emails on the forum. You'll have every spammer in China offering you their wares.  :underchair:
Mail sent. Enjoy reading..
Im interested to see what you hve found my email is [edit] thanks in advance
Thanks, interesting to read.
Mail sent.

Li-Ion battery has 5oo cycles of charge/discharge life and even after 500 cycles, it should have around 70% of initial capacity. Assuming that I use Battery fully discharged in every 3 days, the battery should last at least 4~5 years. My battery died in 6 months even I used the cleaner very lightly. I see a lot of Red LED blinking failures of Dyson batteries on internet. 

Would be interested in seeing your work.
[edit - please use PM system]

Batteries i have found last around 2 years with average use, i don't think i have had many that have failed before the warranty expired.
My own personal machine battery was just starting to show signs of depreciation, so contacted dyson who replaced it free of charge.
The attached schematic in the previous post has un-intended image. Correct one as follow;
I finally repaired Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner which had premature Battery pack failure. Dyson has serious Battery pack problem as I could find a lot of complaints on the Internet.

I tried to attach a step-by-step Modification guideline but this forum only allows 850KB. If interested, just let me know of your email ID.

I am attaching the Schematic diagram of the modification.
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