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Dyson DC14, DC17, DC27, DC28 and DC33 / Re: Dc14 bin lid crack
« Last post by ryevac on Today at 01:30:31 PM »
you mean the post filter cover.

Yes most i see crack on the tabs, depends on room temp when removing i find.
Looking after your Dyson / Cleaning the Cleaner head?
« Last post by PhieusYazria on Today at 01:24:11 PM »
Does anyone know how to clean the Multifloor head on the Dyson Light Ball (UP22)? It looks rather grimy after a few months use.
I can't seem to figure out how to get in there without unscrewing the whole thing.

(Picture to come)
I'm planning to get the Absolute model to compliment my Dyson Light Ball MultiFloor. (I really want the Fluffy head!)
Dyson DC14, DC17, DC27, DC28 and DC33 / Re: Dc14 bin lid crack
« Last post by Dysonboy123 on Today at 12:10:57 PM »
On the bin lid underneath where the cyclone rests on.
Introductions / Re: New Members - How did you find us?
« Last post by Dee Minardi on Today at 07:05:35 AM »
I found this awesome site searching for dyson dc25 info on the beater bar. My question: is there a position switch that controls the beater bar, other than the beater bar motor, beater bar push button and the DC25 Yoke Loom Assembly?
rock it of as i say, top n bottom, try not to prise it off sideways as it will chew and bruise the plastics.
If you get stuck i will do a quick video or a few pics on it in the morning
Thanks for the feed back. checked the loom, tried pulling both ends but will check them again. Just wanted to know how to get that cover of, will be a lot easier to check with it of completely.
insert flat screwdriver into bottom of cover near the bin catch and prise off so far, then pull the top off a little. All done in a see saw action. Usually very tight.

The cut out switch behind this plastic cover can fail, as mentioned before the yoke red/white loom is usually the culprit. The cable can break inside before the plastic outer breaks, you need to check the red / white continuity to head whilst repeatedly moving the head assy back n forth to confirm.

i had this one recently with what i thought was head failure...

Hi I have a DC25 that has intermittent but mainly no power to the brush head. I put a meter across the head and it seams fine, I checked the micro switch that cuts it out when vertical and that seams to work ok, I checked the loom shown above for continuity on a meter and that seams fine. I pulled the power switches out and the reset, reset is passing current as are both the other power switches so do I guess that the loom from the top to the motor needs checking but how do you get the grey moulding that covers the on of switch and reset of. I took the three screws of and found the clip on the left but it seams to be held by the clip hinge of the dust collection basket.  Any clues how to get that cover of? Thanks in advance.
Dyson V10 Battery Life Test - We Review the Run Time of a Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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How long will the battery on a Dyson V10 last on full power? In this video we live test a Dyson V10 so you will know.  :thumbsup:
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