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Great read and a fun mystery solved  ;)

Extra sharp razor blades affixed to a turbo tool?
Beko's house of horrors  :o :evilgrin0002:
Look at my DC40 refurb thread, there's a few pics of it on there
Thanks. So you have a photo of the actuator and where it sits?
I appreciate your help.
I must see if I can take pics, Ive  done  so many I can do them with my eyes closed.

Dyson solutions
On the black casing that holds the motor in place is a small micro switch , Often these machines are worked on by inexperienced and they do not make sure that actuator is not in the correct possition and you end up with a situation like your finding. Simply clip in the catuator the correct way and you should be all good..

Just a by the way , never rigg the cleaner heads on these newer dysons to the mains like you could do on older dc 18's 24's and 25's . These heads use a 220v DC motor and the rectifier pcb board sits in the main vacuum body ( older cleaner heads had the pcb in the cleaner head itself. If you plug them into mains , BOOOM  :dead-dyson: Had 3 customers do that this year already when attempting a DIY job

Dyson V8 и V7 набор адаптеров к комплекту насадок для беспроводных пылесосов.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Если вы обладаете пылесосом, модель которого Dyson V8 или Dyson V7 в России, тогда вы можете купить набор отличных адаптеров к насадкам, которые будут доставлены вам в Россию, и вы сможете отследить вашу почтовую бандероль.
I have a DC40 in for repair. The Brushbar only spins when the machine is tilted back at a certain angle. Move the angle and the Brushbar stops. I checked the Wiring Loom and there was a cut in it. I replaced the Wiring Loom with a brand new one. But still the problem exists. Is there an actuator switch ?
Second Generation "The Ball" Dysons. / Re: DC41
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on July 26, 2017, 12:16:48 AM »
I'm sure there's a DC40 cyclone stripdown guide and it's pretty much the same as the 41.

Parwaz - the hose on the DC40 is the same length as the DC41.

The DC40, DC41, Dc55 and DC75 all have the same hose.

Aah thought so :/ I'm pretty sure I heard that the 41 has a longer hose tho
Cheers for confirming  :thumbsup:
I hope you cleaned the blood off when you were done...
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