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Dyson DC07 / Re: Dc07 bin polishing
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 04:41:09 PM »
We use G3 and a buffer followed by silicone spray.
Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Re: Need help on DC-39 Teardown
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 04:40:15 PM »
many thanks, Raven.  :thumbsup:
Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Re: DC39 Motor Question
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 04:38:17 PM »
The motor is duff indeed.

You'll need the post motor filter as well as the motor.
A nice comment from this lady:

Dear Manchester Vacs.
What a fabulous service ! Had left getting some new parts for my DC01 since 1997 ( it's a long story ) wasn't holding out much hope 22 years later but  on checking your website found the bits I needed.
Probably the best money I've spent in 22 years!
Would recommend your company without hesitation.
Thanks again.
Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Re: DC39 Motor Question
« Last post by stuart.j.jones on Yesterday at 01:25:18 PM »
Hi, thanks for replying. By bench test, do you mean power up now it's free of it's housing?

If so, the answer is .... yes.... just did it.

Same very loud noise and lots of sparks! From reading previous posts I'm assuming it's about to be kaput?

D'you think i'll need a new housing/filter thing for it too?

Many thanks for your help.
Dyson DC07 / Dc07 bin polishing
« Last post by Dysonboy123 on July 21, 2019, 11:09:00 PM »
What polish do I use to make the bin clear?
I have powered it on successfully in its current state, but not the brushbar motor. 
Dyson DC07 / Re: Dc07 Origin
« Last post by Dysonboy on July 21, 2019, 08:51:42 PM »
Sounds like a normal DC07.. It will output heat, the motor is air cooled.

These arnt designed for hard floor use, carpets only. The ones for hardfloor have a clutch to turn the brush off to prevent the brushes spraying dirt everywhere and have wheels on the soleplate so it doesnt damage any flooring.
Cylinder & Canister Dysons / Re: Need help on DC-39 Teardown
« Last post by Raven556 on July 21, 2019, 08:30:13 PM »
Hello from good ol' US of A! Thanks for the tips! I've got refurbished DC39C and feel that HEPA filter was not replaced. Hopefully, I'm wrong, but soon after the purchase my vacuum began overheating and kept shutting down. I could feel the hot air is blown out of the back. Checked for obstacles in the hoses assembly: none. Well after the warranty expired, I've decided to check the HEPA filter, and found it dirty and partly clogged up. Your instructions helped a lot, but I feel that crucial picture is missing. Therefore, here it is. Thanks again for excellent information!


I've moved your post to a fresh topic in the correct room, have a look at the room here and you'll find many information topics.

The problem is either the brushroll motor, the PCB in the head, the power supply to the head or the reset switch on the machine. You'll need a multimeter to be able to test the components per the topics linked above.
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