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Dyson in the News / Re: New EU 900w Vacuum Cleaner Rules in September 2017
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 09:29:08 PM »
The government indeed passed EU law into UK law to facilitate Brexit without a hitch. From there, we can rescind as our own lawmakers wish.

I am sure a couple of helpful MPs and a parliamentary petition can get it heard in the commons after we have left the EU. We'll put our mailing list behind that cause. If Q, Sebo and outfits like espares did the same, a petition would soon hit the needed 100k to get a session.  :icon_nod:
Dyson Chat / Re: MTR240-KK Now discontinued
« Last post by MVacs on Yesterday at 09:13:03 PM »
Just as an update, I am now waiting on a reply from the main product guy at Q.  :thumbsup:
A most superlative guide, as ever.  :bow:

As a reminder: People who imagine their Gtech is still under warranty may find themselves doing this job if Gtech refuses to honour the warranty. Gtech refusing to honour warranty is a known problem as readers can learn from this topic: >>Beware: Gtech Refusing to Honour Their Warranty/Guarantee<<.
Sure I've seen some fixer upper DC16s for that sort of money and if they're anything like the 35s that'd be a great bet. The V8 certainly is worlds away from the Gtech on hard floors. Problem is the fluffy brush is about 60 on its own hence I'm scouring eBay for a "cheap" V6 Total clean!

Yes we have a messy dog. Just bought a 20 DC33 in good working order for tough stuff but the cordless one is essential.
Dyson in the News / Re: New EU 900w Vacuum Cleaner Rules in September 2017
« Last post by beko1987 on Yesterday at 05:10:28 PM »
That's a fair point. OK, maybe TTI won't, but their lazy.

Saying that, didn't the gubbirmunt pass all current EU law as our own to placate the remoaners? Won't this be hoovered (haha) up with that?
I've only used the above for <5 minutes, and did quite like it, but I'm not going to start bleating on about how great they are! I've added wanting one to my radar, but my radar has a 20 limit, so that could take a while!

We do have need for a cordless though, with 2 children Amy is forever pushing the Rowenta cordless I got from the car boot for 5 around to get the bits up, but it's not great (although needs a refurb itself the poor thing). One day I'll upgrade it!
Horses for courses then, best off trying one out if you can really and see what suits you/your floors.. Looking forward to the refurb thread, mine could use a bit of a tidy although it's definitely working as it should.

One thing in its favour is it was bought new when they first came out and takes quite a beating on a regular basis (been used as a "daily" cleaner the whole time) and still works perfectly. The clip holding the filter cover on always breaks but mine has never had the cog issue yet.

Will probably sell it and buy a V6 afterwards, I just can't get on with it at all.

and im not impressed with the handheld one either, Im sure the DC35 I had had better suction.The bin is too easy to knock off too and some of the tools are falling apart.

Both MK1s so I can't comment on any of the new models
I've never used a cordless dyson apart from a dc16, so can't comment too much, but tbh I found the air ram not too bad! OK it had been fully refurbished, and had spotless freshly washed filters but it did a grand job.

Just a shame they seem to unreliable and badly built!

I have the full refurb thread to write up still, it shows what a shocking state the machine got itself into!
Excellent as always.

So compared to a dyson handheld how do these perform?

In my experience - absolute rubbish especially on hard floors but that's my personal opinion! Loves flinging dirt around the room and dumping half of what it's "picked up" on the floor when you turn it off. I read somewhere they have 4 air watts of suction so just an expensive carpet sweeper really. I do clean the filters regularly, and I stripped it down for a clean the other month, still exactly the same.

I tested out a V8 with the floor tool and fluffy roller thing the other day and it's hugely better on both carpet and hard floors.

I am using one until I can get a V6 (or V8) so thank yo u for the hugely helpful guide! I'm also going to use the washing machine trick on the filters as they're quite tiresome to get fully clean.
Stuart should structure the forums like YouTube, 1p per page view! Some of my how to guides have thousand of views!

But I don't do it for the money! Enough perks come my way with parts and favors!
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