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Author Topic: Need Dyson DC17 (US) main motor wiring diagram  (Read 4009 times)

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Need Dyson DC17 (US) main motor wiring diagram
« on: August 02, 2013, 08:51:59 PM »
Hi... newbie here,
I took apart my DC17 to discover the main motor was burned out (open connection). I have finally gotten
a replacement motor after a few months and now am not sure the connection of the three wires at the
There are two white wires and one black wire. I'm pretty sure the black went to the single spade terminal
on one side of the motor and the both white wires went to the double spades on the opposite side of the
motor. Before connecting, I deteremined the double spades are tied to each other and there is a very
low resistance checking through the motor from the single to the double spades. Also tried applying
120VAC across beteween the double spades and the single spade and motor runs.

Connecting the two whites on the double and the black on the single makes it run right away when plugged
in so... the switch must be still on?  Pressing the switch button seems to produce no "click" sound to indicate
anything happening. I haven't left it plugged in more than a second so haven't messed with the switch to
see if that is an additional problem.

Any help offer is much appreciated!

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