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Author Topic: DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26  (Read 7359 times)

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DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:46:08 PM »
I could definitely use some advise from you folks on here.  I've got great deals on all 3 machines and I really don't know which one I should keep...

To make a long story short.. I purchased a DC26 "The City" canister vacuum last month at Best Buy and I love it.  My house is tile, hardwood, and carpet, so it was doing a nice job for me.  Especially considering I got them to price match the thing so low that I purchased it for $115 total with a 4 year extended Best Buy protection plan.

Next thing I know, I'm in a house with a customer for work and I notice they have a Dyson DC07 that needs repaired.  The gentleman was going to throw it away, so he just gave it to me for FREE.  I took it to the local Dyson certified repair shop and it needs a new hose, 2 new filters, and a complete cleaning & tune-up.  This will cost me $150, but I did not give him the go-ahead to repair it quite yet.  I don't know if its worth fixing as I don't even know how the machine performs.

Now, two nights ago I was in Best Buy and happened to see the very last DC33 multi-floor on clearance for $220.  I negotiated down to $180 and brought the machine home. So far I like it, but it doesn't have the maneuverability of my DC26 canister vacuum.  I swept with the canister first and then the DC33 right over the same area and it picked up so much more dirt and dog hair than the canister.  But... I can't get into the small crevices like I can with the canister and the DC33 has an odd hose on it in my opinion.

I have 3 dogs and my house is constantly dirty... which machine should I keep!!!???  Should I fix the DC07 or is it not worth it??? Should I keep the DC26 Canister and sell the DC33???? Or should I keep the DC33 and sell the DC26 canister????  GAHHHHH!!!!  DECISIONS, DECISIONS...

I could really use some advise on this from the people that know these vacuums best.

Please advise!



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Re: DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2013, 04:44:57 PM »
$150 for a hose and two filters?  :o

Look here and DIY: - workshop manual and everything is available for the DC07.

The DC33 is a later version of the DC07. Same motor and shares some mechanicals. Good enough machine, although a tad plasticky for me. The DC07 is sturdier, and has better tools IMO.

As for the DC26, really only for small properties. Not a serious machine, but does the job if the job is not too arduous.

Personally, I would put the DC33 upstairs, Let the DC07 do the grunt downstairs, and lose the DC26 if I had to lose one.

See what others think...........

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