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Author Topic: It's the dreaded nouns! Help  (Read 4182 times)

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It's the dreaded nouns! Help
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:32:57 AM »
Hi All,

When I'm in need of buying a spare part and I have to describe it to the ever patient man behind the counter; I find the verbs easy; but often the nouns are the difficult thing. :'(

"Well it's the thingamajig that snaps onto the whatumacallit, it's stopped spinning." I can see the poor man thinking:"Oh Gawdy, here we go again".

So, to help us mere Neanderthals, please put the names of the parts somewhere; or a partnumber or something that can be used to identify one thingamajig from another.

That way the communication can be streamlined, sped up and simplified muchly.

My father once said (this was too clever for him so he must've heard it somewhere): "Getting to know what to name things is 90% of learning". Couldn't agree more.

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